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  1. FireRocket33

    My Manacube 3 year Anniversary

    congrats!!!!! SO HAPPY YOU'RE HERE WITH US!!!
  2. FireRocket33

    September 2021

    That Me!!!
  3. FireRocket33

    clear skin

    Cuz Ranged Gatekeeps clear skins :mad:
  4. FireRocket33

    clear skin

    Hey Bestie Ranged, we all love u and u can never leave us or P.S. Also thanks for training me, platonically love you. P.P.S. uhhh hub-6 swim party?
  5. FireRocket33

    Who are you?

    Who are you?
  6. FireRocket33

    Help! what can I do?

    There isn't much you can do in this situation, you could make a ticket about it but most likely staff wouldn't return the harvester. So I would just suggest to cutting your losses.
  7. FireRocket33

    among us

    Fr I saw RQCAPPIN vent into impostor realm
  8. FireRocket33

    among us

    Either RQCAPPIN OR Warlord69
  9. FireRocket33

    among us

    Impostor Realm R.I.P.
  10. FireRocket33

    How to mine?

    How to mine?
  11. FireRocket33

    How to reset mines on Asgard

    Pingu was able to fix the mines last night
  12. FireRocket33

    Add the "Chisel and bits" mod to add mini blocks to the Creative server

    Cool idea but there would be too many problems with everyone needing to download forge to play.
  13. FireRocket33

    Taking my Leave

    Going to miss you Stormy.
  14. FireRocket33

    da imposter

  15. FireRocket33

    xFrog Simp or PizzaMC Stan

    FOR SCIENCE!!!!!
  16. FireRocket33

    Castle Cathedral thing... Yeah its the best I got for a name!

    WAIT HOLD UP THIS WAS POSTED MONTHS AGO, I thought it was a couple days
  17. FireRocket33

    Castle Cathedral thing... Yeah its the best I got for a name!

    Oh dang that looks amazing, absolutely love the terrain.
  18. FireRocket33

    A Serious Problem Part #3

    Warlord is always impostor.
  19. FireRocket33

    A Serious Problem Part #3

    Recently the fabulous @Satisfiedbread talked about lack of staff support. Unfortunately, we have overlooked the most urgent issue..... Impostor Realm doesn't have a forum thread. This is just outrageous and disgusting! Plz fix or consequences.
  20. FireRocket33

    This need to be taken more seriously...

    someone insult her, she won't stop crying in vc