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    An (Unfinished) Overhaul to Hades Underworld.

    yeah, i can't stand the way pvp is right now with hit reg being such an issue, along with players being nearly unkillable. I would much prefer 1.8 pvp along with a heavy implants nerf, but most likely 1.8 pvp isn't coming back. Though, an implants nerf seems very likely to come given how common...
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    An (Unfinished) Overhaul to Hades Underworld.

    This whole post has been hastily put together, so don't expect the quality to be anything special. For awhile I wanted to basically remake the entirety of Hades Underworld, but I lost motivation. I had some pretty cool plans, such as new mobs, existing mob reworks, new items and features, and...
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    Earth Release

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    Earth Release

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    Question Regarding the Unreleased Content on Olympus.

    We are coming up on 7 months of Season 4 being released, and we STILL do not have Bosses, Poseidon's Pond, Hades Secret Entrance, nor Hera's Gift. I just want to know if these are actually going to be released this season. I am still grinding for boss eggs, in hopes that bosses some day get added.
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    Elite Rank Perk Suggestions

    The ability to beta test and get 1 free promo key every month.
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    Survival Season 7

    tbh i just want the cubits. so hi
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    would appreciate an update on this
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    Elite Rank Perk Suggestions

    ability to change prefix to all supported color codes (besides black) + ability to switch to vip, vip+, and mvp prefix
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    My WIP Hades Rework

    Few months ago I posted a rework concept of Hades, and I'm taking it further than I initially planned on. It will consist of 1 singular layer with biomes, new unique features and quirks, and much more! :) Here's a few screenshots of an unfinished version of the biome which is a merge of layers 2...
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    Patron & Patron+ Prefix Customizability

    This randomly popped into my head earlier today, but with Patron & Patron+ being as special as it is, why do all the patrons get stuck with a green prefix? Elites get to choose from a selection of colors, so why not bring on full customizability for patrons? The A+ rank on creative has...
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    The implementation of certain game features

    I couldn't agree more, I'm sure a reasonable solution to this would simply just place a disclaimer saying "Coming later this year!," or something along those lines, because that seems to be the case in most of these. On Olympus alone (i can't speak for other realms), we still don't have...
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    This is the 3rd month of Season 4, and we still have not had a single improvement/tweak regarding the pvp side of Hades other than disabling ender pearls. Players are still tping out to avoid combat. Players are still jumping into void to avoid combat. Players are still using exploits to avoid...
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    SURVEY: Atlas SVA/SSV/SV item Quantity

    is now an appropriate time to flex that i have sv id #1?
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    Is Congiius hot?

    you are the hottest
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    Hades Mobs Actual Actual Drop Rates [Outdated again >:{ ]

    nevermind. dragons are invisible rn.
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    Hades Mobs Actual Actual Drop Rates [Outdated again >:{ ]

    Genuinely thank you for this, it's really interesting seeing the ACTUAL drop rates, and the fact that the Infernal Sword is 2x rarer than the other legendary drops from the dragons. Also I was afraid that the drops would all be the same but each mob but I suppose not, they are tweaked ever so...
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    Hades TP Timer

    I'm aware there's already a thread on this but I'd like to give my personal opinion/feelings on the situation. Many players tend to run into Hades and when approached by someone with the intent to actually pvp, they tp away instantly. A lot of the time it appears they are macroing to tp into...
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    Ender Wand

    Why was the ender wand disabled in Hades and spawn? I feel as it being a Hades drop, it should be allowed to be used in Hades. If it was deemed "op," then either a duration cooldown nerf (maybe 5 seconds?) or it being disabled during combat would make more sense, rather than disabling it...