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  1. andrewwwlol

    Creative Build Competition!

    ATTENTION The competition has been cancelled due to lack of players. Sorry guys :( It's not worth wasting anywhere from $25.00/$70.00 for 2 people who have entered. Sorry :( ~andrewwwlol (Andrew) Hello Everybody! So I have decided that my next giveaway will be on creative! And it is very...
  2. andrewwwlol

    MineVast vs ManaCube (Differences and Changes)

    I tried to keep it simple. I didn't want to make a 120000 character rant about the topic. But thank you for agreeing. After people disagreeing with some of my other posts. Helps me out to know people agree with things I speak about.
  3. andrewwwlol

    Rejected Kitty PK - Easy

    Looks really nice. I hopped on to just check it out. Best of luck for you and the map :) ~andrewwwlol (Andrew)
  4. andrewwwlol

    MineVast vs ManaCube (Differences and Changes)

    MineVast vs ManaCube, a controversial topic. In the past few months. MineVast, (The server's old name) was changed to ManaCube. Now, I am not going to rant about every difference and every hated part of everything like my KitPvp rant. Which in my opinion was unnecessarily posted. I really did...
  5. andrewwwlol

    Quisha Army!

    #MineVastquisha2k17 Anquisha is here to stay!
  6. andrewwwlol

    Anticheat needs a bit of fixing

    Alright. I just want to say There have been a lot of hackers on KitPvp lately. I will go on and play with my friends. To find people that are hacking. They will do anything from reach, to aura, to even bhopping. Now 90% of the time I usually just /helpop Hacker on KitPvp (Their Name) And staff...
  7. andrewwwlol

    Skyblock Valentines Giveaway Winners!

    Hello Everybody! I have given you all 24 hours to enter this giveaway. Now I believe it is time we announce the winners! The winners were chosen by a randomizer. If you have won, I will be /mailing you and having you meet up with me on skyblock to claim your reward. As I said, the winners were...
  8. andrewwwlol

    Skyblock Valentines Giveaway!

    Btw I forgot to include you cannot get iron golem eggs. Sorry You cant get iron golem eggs. Sorry
  9. andrewwwlol

    Skyblock Valentines Giveaway!

    Hey everybody! Valentines Day is right around the corner! Don't have any plans for Valentines Day? Love ManaCube skyblock? Yelp, you came to the right place! Starting from today 2/13/2017 to 2/14/2017 I will be doing a ManaCube Valentines Skyblock Giveaway! There will be 3 winners of the...
  10. andrewwwlol

    MineVast special days

    To be honest man, It sounds like a cool idea. But I don't think that everything would be possible. But things like Raining Minerals, Free pets, or money for everyone might be a possible thing. But free pets for a day and even store discounts would be cool. Something I would bring up to staff and...
  11. andrewwwlol

    Gems for Sale

    Is money the only payment? Or can I use other things to pay for the gems