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  1. TeamJacob

    Earth problems & fixing

    I agree Mark, but I see why they got rid of the old jobs system... unfortunately as we all know too many people abused it by using auto clickers, auto farming, etc. However, I do think /ah would be a great addition to Earth even to just sell SVA and other high end items... Oftentimes it is hard...
  2. TeamJacob

    I got a Legendary drop but inventory was full

    As Hallow stated previously this is up to admin discretion. You will need to make a support ticket if you haven't already.
  3. TeamJacob

    I need help

    Hello Z3R0_YT, Different towns offer a different array of benefits. Some towns are builder based while others prefer to do wars/seiges. It all just depends on what you are looking for when you play. I checked your username and it does not appear to be a username that has ever logged onto Earth...
  4. TeamJacob

    what the best gamemode in your opinion

    You guys are all wrong. Earth is the best realm :cool:
  5. TeamJacob

    Crates rerun

    This is a great point Duda, however I disagree. One of the reasons to buy crates is because staff have said many times in the past that no two crate items will be exactly the same. I know with this season of Earth the admin team has tried to stay away from bringing in extremely over powered...
  6. TeamJacob

    Villager spawner on earth

    Currently the only use for villager spawners is xp, a small amount if that. I would recommend putting them away in hopes they will get better in the future. If not you can consider it a "flex" item.
  7. TeamJacob

    An Earth Guide to SUCCESS!

    Earth is a Towny server with a player ran economy, meaning no Admin shop. The goal is to make a town and use that town to seige other towns. When joining Earth you will be given a kit starter and $300 and a starter kit (you can pull another starter kit (/kit starter)). There is a map you can...
  8. TeamJacob

    What is your best memory on Earth this season?

    What is your best memory on Earth this season? I have so many great memories it's hard to just pick one... This is from the beginning of the season, at the first seige of the season. We had so many of our nation and town members there participating and having fun. Post what your favorite...
  9. TeamJacob

    ManaCube needs a change.

    Ranks are not longer global. You now have to buy a rank on each realm. Rank prices are significantly cheaper than they used to be though.
  10. TeamJacob

    Try to fix farm quests on earth

    Duda, for the wheat quests try to put wheat in a dropper with a lever and spray the wheat out onto you. That is a good solution for short term.
  11. TeamJacob

    cf on earth

    That's probably why they added it haha ;)
  12. TeamJacob

    should i keep on server next day or quitting for 50days?

    Do whatever is best for you... Sometimes it's best for health reasons to take a day or two off and see where you sit. I always recommend that to people are contemplating quitting.
  13. TeamJacob

    cf on earth

    Thank you so much LIGHT! You're a true scholar! Ill lose it all for you, then I will buy more ;)
  14. TeamJacob

    cf on earth

    Both, but especially for cubits! At least that would 0 impact on the eco. As it is now there is a pretty large group of us that have to go to survival and skyblock in order to coinflip cubits. Adding cubit CF to earth would make it easier to CF with the people we know...
  15. TeamJacob

    cf on earth

    What a truly wonderful and great idea! One issue though... I will be broke if they add it..
  16. TeamJacob

    I have a really important question.... what is your favorite fast food place?

    If I'm going to eat fast food I prefer Carls jr. and getting a lettuce wrapped burger! It's crazy how much healthier you can make a burger if you do no mayo and lettuce wrap it!
  17. TeamJacob

    hi everyone

    Hello! Welcome to Mana! What realm have you been playing? I'm sure you'll see me around, feel free to reach out to me anytime! TeamJacob
  18. TeamJacob

    Reviewing TeamJacob - Staff Application

    Your Minecraft Username TeamJacob What server are you applying for Earth --------------------------------------------- First Name Jacob Country or Timezone Oregon (PST/GMT -8) Age 22 Discord username TeamJacob#7315 --------------------------------------------- Why do you want to become...
  19. TeamJacob

    Congrats on helper, man! Super excited to see you as staff! You'll do great!

    Congrats on helper, man! Super excited to see you as staff! You'll do great!
  20. TeamJacob

    VIP - MVP+ Discount????

    for rank upgrades I recommend buying the proper amount of cubits and doing the rank upgrade from /cubits shop.. When you do /cubits shop, on the realm you want to upgrade your rank on you will have a place to do rank upgrades using cubits. You will have to do it in 3 transactions. One from VIP...