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  1. Bexey

    /co I on survival

    Since regular players can /co I on skyblock, why can’t survival players do it. It be great to see who griefed/stole/etc stuff rather than waiting for a staff to.
  2. Bexey

    Add 100m +/- to trade

    ik hallow but some STUBBORN PEOPLE WANNA DO TRADE
  3. Bexey

    Add 100m +/- to trade

    For many players that are rich on servers such as survival/skyblock etc, people have a LOT of money. For example if i wanted to trade 1 cubit for 1b dollars, I would have to click the 1m add ONE THOUSAND times. Adding the +/- 100m would make it way easier for people like me to buy cubits through...
  4. Bexey

    Z3R0_YT - Staff Application

    you're missing some requirements such as - word limit (700) - forum posts
  5. Bexey

    Hi Guys!

    Hey Z3R0_YT. Welcome back to manacube! Hope you enjoy this minecraft experience!
  6. Bexey

    Sanrio crate (Hello kitty)

    Since her creation in the 70s, Kitty has become a universally adored icon, capturing the imaginations of uncountable children along with today's most intriguing artists. The contradictory Sanrio superstar's physical blankness is likely responsible for her global domination. Kitty is mouthless...
  7. Bexey

    Stuff to add to survival

    I can not show my emotions without the /ragequit. Ragequitting is to stop playing a game out of an anger towards an event that transpired within the game. This limits me and my fellow players of manacube to express the greatest emotion of all in the age demographic of minecraft, anger and...
  8. Bexey

    Black Friday + New Cubit Shop

  9. Bexey

    What is your best memory on Earth this season?

    I miss earth. It’s a cool community
  10. Bexey

    Popular chat in the Discord

    I agree. It would be a nice reward after talking in the discord to reach such a high level.
  11. Bexey

    ManaCube needs a change.

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  14. Bexey

    Back on forums!!!!!

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    what evannoob said
  16. Bexey

    Whats your favorite Skin?

  17. Bexey

    Forum Donator Rank

  18. Bexey

    Its been a long time

    Enjoy da coob