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  1. EvanTech

    If you where dacon / an admin what would you change/fix about manacube?

    there's good reasons for those changes haha changed ranks to per server for mineville (who had per server) and make ranks cheaper discord was only changed to match the in game filter for consistency and mana pack can't work in 1.8 because of texture limitations, it was changed in 1.9 If I was...
  2. EvanTech


    Honestly, it's probably because of the pandemic. Player counts were at an all time high when everyone was shut in at home with nothing to do. Now everyone's getting back out in the world and doing in school work and all that, player counts are bound to drop. It's not really unexpected, but it'll...
  3. EvanTech

    how do I convert water to hydrogen and water molecules it's really important you answer

    how do I convert water to hydrogen and water molecules it's really important you answer
  4. EvanTech

    What do you like the most about manacube?

    what is your favorite interaction on mana? building among us plot on atlas what do you like most about the server overall? the staff team and friends, also prisons best server what do you think about the crate system? needs server specific stuff back like perks n such what is your genuine...
  5. EvanTech

    dont say curse words game no go ding

    dont say curse words game no go ding
  6. EvanTech

    buying szv pick on atlas

    I have 3 cookies and you will pay with your soul. Take it or leave it. This is the best deal you can be offered.
  7. EvanTech

    I wanted to know how the hell do I change my name on this cos I made this account ages ago and I hate my username and want to change it thanks lmao

    Greetings, communications management of Aly & SSM's ManaCube Community Tour Guide Service, I have goo goo ga ga, blaby blab poot toot, pptptpp waaaaah mommy. Gababgoogoo *sucks thumb* waaawagaglabga. I hope this could help and do not hesitate to contact our Moderation team with any further...
  8. EvanTech

    Let's talk about the pearl economy.

    There were actually launch pads put in place so players didn't have to use pearls lol just thought this was funny
  9. EvanTech

    Rejected NEO

    Hey! There are some major talking points to consider when building a map that I believe this can improve on, but don't take that discouragingly! - Originality, Build Quality, Parkour Maps tend to have a theme, whether that's a scenario, character, or object that your map should showcase but...
  10. EvanTech

    5 Cubits Giveaway!

    I AM EvanTech FAV STAFF is not uhhabbie FAV CANDY is hard i like a lot of candy like 100 grand, twix, reese cups
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    Mana 25 Cubit Giveaway

    I'm EvanTech and I'm a Mod+ on Prisons! I am very grateful for my best friends on the staff team who keep me down to earth day by day. I don't know what I'd do without them, love you guys <3 String answer = "10" + "10"; prints "1010"
  12. EvanTech

    An (Unfinished) Overhaul to Hades Underworld.

    Round of applause for the effort put into this. Have to agree with Rodii on the issues brought up but I think the quality of everything presented is outstanding. I'll make sure this gets seen and hopefully commented on.
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  14. EvanTech

    Woooooow fish

    Wooooooooooooooow fish =D
  15. EvanTech

    Tug of War

  16. EvanTech

    Is this a false ban?

    If you make an appeal at the link SSM gave, we can look into it in greater detail for you :)
  17. EvanTech

    Earth Release

    I really like that this uses an accurate map (I assume), will make for some good wars. ManaCube World War?
  18. EvanTech

    Featured Manacube Academy

    This is so funny. If I'm the band instructor, all of the students will play Shawty Like A Melody at every concert.
  19. EvanTech

    hi hayley OwO

    hi hayley OwO