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  1. Nether

    [Suggestion] (More) Elite Perks for Parkour

    Elite has very little perks on Parkour and you could easily say that you waste your money if you buy Elite on Parkour... Since there's the /fly Perk which was a thing in some promotional crate once, wouldn't it be a cool perk for Elites? Of course the /fly is only for the lobby.
  2. Nether

    30 cubit giveaway (x3)

    _hannah__ is my main account bro and i'll nominate dogsteef because hes a poor mf xD love ya Koala oh and accept my coinflip > : D Edit: Changed IGN
  3. Nether

    When will Parkour get the new crate

    It feels like we are the last realm to get the new crate xD I wanna spend my money on it already! lol But i guess it stays longer for us then aswell Im so sad i missed the Anime crate in my break :(
  4. Nether

    Helo i am Nether

    Kinda, June would be more poggers but eh, cant change it. Also I'll never have to work on my birthday :^)
  5. Nether

    Helo i am Nether

    Hey ho my name is Nether and I am from Germany. Ive been here for quite a while but with a rather big break in between. Currently i am playing lots again. I got gifted Elite by a super cool guy :) <3. My Discord is Nether#6203 so hit me up if you want. I only play Parkour as I didnt try other...
  6. Nether

    Water in Map Maker- Help

    Doing //pos1 and //pos2 also sets the position without using the wand :)
  7. Nether

    Heyy im djj

    Make sure to join Parkour because we are the coolest heh Oh and dont do coinflips on Skyblock because the people the are either super rich or absolutely lucky and you will loose all your stuff... Talking from experience PepeHands
  8. Nether

    /ragequit command in Parkour

    Just a quick bug feedback, once the /ragequit command is on cooldown, the chat reply doesnt tell you the cooldown but it states something like "on cooldown for %s".
  9. Nether

    me on a helicopter

    We found a old lobby or something and some sort of windmill???
  10. Nether

    me on a helicopter

    About to go there aswell ;)
  11. Nether

    me on a helicopter

    haha helicopter go brrrrr