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  1. ramff

    Any tips on getting a C?

    you should add some terrain and organics to your build, a plot doesnt have to be big to get a good grade but the area inside the plot needs to be filled pretty well, if youre lacking terrain and proper structure design you might not get the grade you want
  2. ramff

    Grading question

    hi!! some warps are pretty much outdated and grade standards change over time, and also yes there is a criteria which is also posted on the forums ( ) that link also shows the perks of each grade ^^
  3. ramff

    The Guide to Color Codes

    you need elite for bold i think
  4. ramff

    The Guide to Color Codes

    i know this is slightly old, but you might have forgotten that you're not supposed to put a space between &0 and ur nickname, ex: &0apollo