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  1. RoosterInMyRari

    Tug of War

  2. RoosterInMyRari

    Count to 1000 Before a Admin posts

    Twen e one
  3. RoosterInMyRari

    Ask the person below a question!

    The ender dragon Would you rather have dinner with Pinguinooo or have Infinite money on all mana servers?
  4. RoosterInMyRari

    Last Post Wins!

    my trophy I gave to myself o_O
  5. RoosterInMyRari

    Ban the Person Above | 500,000 Views

    Banned for spelling your name with a v
  6. RoosterInMyRari

    Olympus HI im new

  7. RoosterInMyRari

    Discord Poll (redo)

    wish I had the money to buy a discord :(
  8. RoosterInMyRari

    u cute whats ur @

    u cute whats ur @