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  1. OGxIsHere

    20th Post!

    Yay! My 20th Post! :DDDDD
  2. OGxIsHere

    Mana is painful to get

    it is tho :/
  3. OGxIsHere


    How was your guys christmas? i had a great one!
  4. OGxIsHere

    i almost have 0.25 cubits

    0.01 more >:)
  5. OGxIsHere

    GrayBe has given me over 1B total

    this man is kind :D
  6. OGxIsHere


    OMG!!! I GOT A BELL :D
  7. OGxIsHere

    I got 0.19 cubits rn :D

    Getting closer to my dream elite rank :D
  8. OGxIsHere

    Boss is so hard!

    Every time i never get Top 3! I need some better weapons lol!
  9. OGxIsHere

    Almost time for pond!

    Hey its time for the pond in 2 hours :D
  10. OGxIsHere

    lorelye taught me not to gamble

    i gambled 3b and lost it so dont gamble kids
  11. OGxIsHere

    I changed my nick to OG

    Yay lol!
  12. OGxIsHere

    I won a 1b CF

    WOW Im getting stonks!
  13. OGxIsHere

    TY for coming to FTT (First To Touch)

    FTT Was so fun! Thanks for coming!
  14. OGxIsHere

    TY For coming to my DP!

    DP Was so fun! Thanks for coming!
  15. OGxIsHere

    Manacube is so fun!

    Manacube is such a great server! I enjoy it so much and how the community is so kind! :D
  16. OGxIsHere

    Do you guys like ginger?

    I think ginger is decent. What about you guys?
  17. OGxIsHere

    Cool shop, what ya'll think?

  18. OGxIsHere

    I put a moderator application in!

    I can't wait! I really hope i can make it onto the staff team! Thanks guys for any of the support i can get! I've been practicing myself alot!
  19. OGxIsHere

    Put a staff application in! Wish me gl!

    Put a staff application in! Wish me gl!