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  1. becc_

    Im becca

    So I never made one of these so I thought why not. I'm Becca, I am a survival main who likes to laugh a lot and loves to meet new people. I have been on manacube for very close to a year now which seems so crazy to me as it feels like it was just yesterday when I joined but aye time flies. When...
  2. becc_

    Why did you start playing survival?

    Hey <3 so i would love to know what made people join survival and why they continue to play. For me i needed something new after playing factions for a few years and had never really played a multiplayer survival, and when i got to know the community it was a selling point as everyone here is so...
  3. becc_

    Find The Button Event Winners! <3

    I would like to say a big Thank you! To all of the players who took part in my parkour find the button event tonight on survival! These events will hopefully be a weekly thing with different themes and different prizes <3 Please in the comments let me know different ideas i can do for upcoming...
  4. becc_


    Hi guys! in around an hour im going to be hosting a find the button event which includes parkour as a test for my big upcoming Find The Button event. This is a test however the winner will recieve a prize! The event will happen on survival, i will update here 15 mins before it starts! /warp...
  5. becc_

    Survival Event Coming Soon

    Hey Guys, Im going to be holding a Find The Button event in survival! I want to ask what people want for prizes and ideas for themes of the different maps!
  6. becc_

    Thank you <3

    Would like to say a big thank you to @Kmoore_197, @PippyLI and @Abigail7854 (think i tagged right person lol) for the giveaway event tonight, i can say i had so much fun and am so grateful for all the prizes given away <3