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  1. PenguinBlaze

    Suggestion: Bring back Rename Scrolls for SVA's (PLS)

    Many people enjoy having their own custom items. One of the best way to customize your items is having your own name! so please, bring it back
  2. PenguinBlaze

    Pvp Leaderboard Rewards

    Some players such as simplly and ooggay spend all their time in pvp, so I think it is too unfair for them not to get rewards or trophies. This would also be more of an incentive for players to come into pvp. Weather you can trade a certain amount of player heads or its monthly leaderboard, there...
  3. PenguinBlaze

    Cubits For Rebirth on Olympus (for god not individual)

    Other realms have prestige, but Olympus does not. As one of the more populated realms, there should be a way. I suggest that we get, say, 5 cubits if you complete all 3 rebirths under a god.
  4. PenguinBlaze

    Bring back hardened ce on olympus!

    pls agree with my post if u think we need it back, for all the non-unbreakable armor like spooky set and mythic armor!!!!!
  5. PenguinBlaze

    Mythic Crate

    did u all just see the first mythic crate become a hoglin spawner xD
  6. PenguinBlaze

    stop bullying

    can everyone stop spamming the mods and staff? they are working on stuff u dont need to spam!
  7. PenguinBlaze

    first post of new ssn :D

    how is everyone feeling abt new ssn so far?
  8. PenguinBlaze

    Hey not sure if I'm allowed to sell/buy stuff here, but didn't say it in rules, so I'm selling/buying this stuff

    Selling: Kyogre axe, Poke gadget, all nye hats, whipped cream hat, and tourtise shell (stuff is on asgard and aether) Buying: All star wars stuff, lucille, sorting hat, native bow, and cyber 2020 bundle- all that is for friend cuz I wanna get gift dm me on dc if interested (penguin_blaze#9112)
  9. PenguinBlaze

    suggestion: make it so you can fly in spawn, just not at pond

    at pond its super hard to get anything if people are flying, but flying at spawn is fun. Idk how this should work, maybe its a separate area from spawn