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  1. MommyBen

    G0reds Departure

    My favourite thing about ManaCube is the playerbase. Some of my closest friends are a direct result of playing, even my best friend is another player I met on ManaCube. The realms are fun but I live for the friends I have made IGN: BennyIsBest
  2. MommyBen

    Earth Release

    Excited for earth to finally get released! Havent played much before, but im looking forward to trying it out!
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  4. MommyBen

    This need to be taken more seriously...

    I agree with bread, silent is consistently one of the staff members who always goes above and beyond for not only the players who have been here since merge, but even new and players who come from Mana. She always listens to players and tries to help in the best way possible, she is consistently...
  5. MommyBen


    If it was something outside of your fault, could you try to appeal your ban? just a thought. EDIT: Here is the link to the ManaCube ban appeal request forum: