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  1. TheMajesticRice

    Multi-tool changes

    Currently using a multi-tool in any kind of combat defaults it to the sword. Despite my sparkle multi-tool having Sharpness and Smite when its an axe, there is no way to even use those enchants. There needs to be a way for players to choose the default for combat. Command or even a shift...
  2. TheMajesticRice

    Skyblock: Add rewards/champ points for things other than /is top

    As the title says, we definitely need some kind of reward for topping in leaderboards other than /is top. There use to be title rewards for being top in MCMMO but that was like season 6 I think. Just kind of defeats the purpose of having /lb if theres no reward for putting in the time to grind...
  3. TheMajesticRice

    Boss Tracker item for weapons

    Similar to the Block Tracker, Mob kill tracker and the pvp tracker that you can apply to weapons/tools. It would track how many boss fights you've participated in.
  4. TheMajesticRice

    Finding a Slime chunk

    As many of you know, there is a challenge that requires you to be near 5 slimes. Which can prove to be difficult unless you know what you're doing. A lot of players are unaware of how to find a slime chunk, so I'm here to help with that. First thing your gonna need is the seed for the skyblock...
  5. TheMajesticRice

    Buying Saplings.

    Would be nice to be able to, as leaves don't drop them as often as they should. And using Treefeller on a tree doesn't yield any saplings like it should. They could be 500 a piece like they use to be, don't think anyone would really throw a fit.
  6. TheMajesticRice

    This skyblock is kinda bad...

    Now before you get to far thinking this is a rant, its not. I'm just someone who has played skyblock at the bare minimum and enjoyed it immensely. I'm someone who enjoys the grind and need to have an upkeep of an entire island. I'll list my issues and why i think its an awful thing to have on...
  7. TheMajesticRice

    Claim rank?

    Just wondering if anyone knows when that part of the store will be available again
  8. TheMajesticRice

    Not receiving Mythical Key

    i hit 100 votes yesterday, and didnt receive a mythical per every 50 votes, tried again today, now at 105 votes. still no key, some help plz? @Dacon @Purple4me
  9. TheMajesticRice

    Adding an Item to the Donor Shop

    Can Silverfish Egg be added to the donor shop? @Dacon
  10. TheMajesticRice

    The Delay with Beacon Buffs

    I get that the skyblock server has been slowed down to reduce lag, but there is a big delay with beacons adding buffs or even letting someone access the beacon GUI and letting them select a buff period. I can spawn into my island and go sit on the beacons and not get the buffs for a good 2...
  11. TheMajesticRice

    Plugin Suggestions :)

    These are some plugins, that i feel would improve skyblock. Each one will have the permissions listed below and what i feel would be on or off. Of course, I dont have everything on because some things are, in my eyes, not needed. If they are implemented into skyblock, @Dacon has the final say as...
  12. TheMajesticRice

    i changed my name and havent gotten my mcmmo back yet

    i changed my name back to WalkProud from Apocy93 and id like to get my MCMMO back, i know it can be done, just no one is replying to my skype messages about it :(
  13. TheMajesticRice

    how do i claim sponsor rank perks?

    was jw how i claim my sponsor perks for factions?
  14. TheMajesticRice

    Skyblock [Free] Wood

    I've got enough wood to fill an islands entire limit with, so if anyone wants wood, please reply below and ill get it to you when i can. thanks. -WalkProud
  15. TheMajesticRice

    Syblock Challenge system ideas?

    So i've been told i can come up with a possible replacement for the current skyblock challenge system. I have some unique ideas myself, but i thought it'd be nice to get everyones input as to wat they would like as a challenge or something along those lines. So please, down below, post what...