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  1. Yoshidude47

    Accepted Pit - Insane

    Map builders: Yoshidude47, BluePottwal, beatsbylofi Map warp: /plot v Yoshidude47 5 Jumps: 103 Checkpoints: 11 Intensity: 9.0, nothing harder!!
  2. Yoshidude47

    Rejected Dreamy

    The judges would probably review your map if you followed the submission instructions provided in the pinned post here. And also, the judges aren't terminally online so be patient when you wait for them to look at your map.
  3. Yoshidude47

    Accepted Bowser | Hard

    Map Builders: Yoshidude47, JM4s Difficulty: Hard Jumps: 70 Checkpoints: 11 Warp: /plot v Yoshidude47 7
  4. Yoshidude47

    Rejected Parkour By King_Tije: Tricky Street, Diff Medium or Hard (68 Jumps)

    There's already a few maps that are themed around street scenes, so I find it unlikely that your map will be accepted. If you want to know what themes aren't taken, I'd recommend using This
  5. Yoshidude47

    Accepted Strong Bad | Easy

    Builders: Yoshidude47 & guyseth Jumps: 25 Checkpoints: 2 Plot warp: /plot v Yoshidude47 2
  6. Yoshidude47

    Ongoing Parkour ArtMap Competition

    Title: Rapunzel Username: Yoshidude47 Plot: /plot v Yoshidude47 Size: 1x1
  7. Yoshidude47

    Ongoing Parkour ArtMap Competition

    Title: Solitaire Username: Yoshidude47 Plot: /plot v Yoshidude47 Size: 1x2
  8. Yoshidude47

    Ongoing Parkour ArtMap Competition

  9. Yoshidude47

    Ongoing Parkour ArtMap Competition

    Title: Topographic Username: Yoshidude47 Size: 3x5 Plot: /plot v Yoshidude47 1
  10. Yoshidude47

    Accepted FLDSMDFR - Hard

    Map name: FLDSMDFR (I am so sorry) Map builder: Yoshidude47 /plot v Yoshidude47 8 63 Jumps 6 checkpoints
  11. Yoshidude47

    Rejected Life In The Green- Easy/Medium

    Please follow the map submission format. Judges won't know where to find your build.
  12. Yoshidude47

    What are your map pet peeve's?

    Good thing I learned from Bootz doing this on BDasher LOL
  13. Yoshidude47

    Rejected kermit the frog

    James, before making another map I'd STRONGLY recommend looking at the Manacube parkour map guide from the top forum post, because this map you made is unacceptable. Your second jump is impossible to perform in version 1.8.9, and you use single iron fences, which is an illegal block to use in...
  14. Yoshidude47

    Closed Tottenham

    Mostly because Fully 3D and fleshed out builds provide more opportunity for interesting parkour, and because pixel art is considered too easy to build, which is to more bluntly say "Manacube standards are getting higher"
  15. Yoshidude47

    Closed Tottenham

    -1 Pixel art builds are no longer allowed especially as the majority of the build.
  16. Yoshidude47

    Rejected RESTRAUNT-expert lvl

    Your discussion post does not contain a plot warp for your build. Please remember to view the map submission format before posting n the forums!
  17. Yoshidude47

    Accepted Wasteland Base - Medium

    Map builder: Yoshidude47 Plot warp: /plot v Yoshidude47 6 Map name: Wasteland Base Jumps: 53 Checkpoints: 4
  18. Yoshidude47

    Map of the Year (2021): Easy

    I have chortles, for Fawful is where goes the voting!
  19. Yoshidude47

    Rejected New Map

    The beginning with the button is confusing and the jump can be made without the piston, all of the redstone is fully exposed, and unfortunately the "Among Us" map theme has been used already. -1
  20. Yoshidude47

    Rejected Clickbait map submission

    For a sec I thought this post was clickbait until I opened it lol Well played, and an interesting map concept to say the least! +1