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  1. SbgConnor

    whos hyped for next season+ next crate?

    Well the crate was a massive let down.
  2. SbgConnor

    Crate & Furniture Update

    Love the changes!
  3. SbgConnor

    Mineville Elites not having /Block

    Venomous, Anyway y’all could possibly give it to us since we bought posideon on water thinking it would have /block? If not I am more than willing to buy it again on cubits shop or some kind of perk shop like that. I feel like this isn’t a too unreasonable ask that would benefit everyone if you...
  4. SbgConnor

    Mineville Elites not having /Block

    Hey everyone it has come to my attention that the elites that originally on manacube have /block and the elites from mineville don't have this command. Not sure if this is a bug or intentional but I feel like its not too much to ask for in the grand scheme of things and I think everyone will be...