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  1. Niels0507

    Parkour - Season 2

    @Elly_x best manator btw!!!
  2. Niels0507


    hey, how are you.
  3. Niels0507

    Cubits Giveaway

    IGN: Niels0507 Discord Name: NielsDJ#4673 What server I play: Kitpvp
  4. Niels0507

    [CLOSED] 100x Christmas Crate Giveaway

    IGN: Niels0507 Discord: NielsDJ#4673 Server: Kitpvp Favorite Christmas Memory: celebrating my grandfather's birthday. Favorite Staff Member: @Elly_x @Quick
  5. Niels0507

    Who is the best at pvp?

    for sure! got told you were a "demon" is that true?
  6. Niels0507

    Ty ranged <3

    Ty ranged <3
  7. Niels0507

    Ty <3

    Ty <3
  8. Niels0507

    Free Zamzua

  9. Niels0507


    very very epico
  10. Niels0507


    goodbye sir. o/
  11. Niels0507

    haha xD

  12. Niels0507

    Throwback Parkour Family Tree

    ILY jushua
  13. Niels0507

    Free Zamzua

    Where do I buy my cheap gaps and all other items now :(. He was the best salesman on kitpvp.
  14. Niels0507

    Free Zamzua

    Yes free him!
  15. Niels0507

    Free Zamzua

    you like that don't ya :)
  16. Niels0507

    Free Zamzua

  17. Niels0507

    Survival Season 7

    Looks good, can’t wait to cf.
  18. Niels0507

    Reasons why Quick_Silver_ is best mod

    Totally agree with this!
  19. Niels0507

    Reasons why Quick_Silver_ is best mod

    quick would never stage that!
  20. Niels0507

    Reasons why Quick_Silver_ is best mod

    for sure! but quick is really cute 2!