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  1. L0rd_GrIm

    Tortuga Maze Event / Skyrim Crate Prizes

    Thanks dad :D
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    What games do you play other than Minecraft?

    Warframe,DBD,CS 1.6 & CSGO and Skyrim Also 7DS Grand Cross which is a gacha game xD
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    Can't start the survival tutorial

    It does not
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    Survival Season 7 - Isles Video

    Professional :p
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    The hardest jump on Parkour

    why jump when you can fly :)
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    Small SVA give-away

    any would be appreciated and then you can have it back if you ever return <3 L0rD_Gr!m#9736
  7. L0rd_GrIm

    Lets get Controversial with Staff part 5?

    The Foolery is immense in this one o_O
  8. L0rd_GrIm

    Diamond Location

    The Survival server is not up to the latest version of 1.18 yet so diamonds will be around lvl 11 is the level that most people look for them at
  9. L0rd_GrIm

    Egg locations

    2 eggs got moved so new cords for Egg 1 and Egg 10 Egg #1 34 78 -58 Egg #10 -68 85 103
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    Egg locations for Survival

    Here you go defo was worth 2h of my time smh. Egg #1 36 59 -74 Egg #2 33 58 -38 Egg #3 -81 54 -42 Egg #4 69 83 -91 Egg #5 17 63 -130 Egg #6 /warp Volcano -23 89 -83 Egg #7 /warp Volcano -20 81 -174 Egg #8 -12 59 -15 Egg #9 -69 83-91 Egg #10 31 58 -93 Egg #11 23 59 -87 Egg #6 /warp Volcano 20...
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    I'm new

    For survival you can get souls from /isles when killing animals there or you can get them from selling heads to /kilton. you can also buy them from other players if they are willing to sell them. Xp is pretty standard where you gain it from killing and mining stuff, You can aslo get xp from the...
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    Lets Get Controversial with the Staff

    " The Straw is Secretly a Telescope" " Yes I dip it in the toilet " " Toilet paper? who uses that in this day and age we use rough sandpaper " " Who cares give me salt, a wok and a lighter or matches and I make that sweet sweet gains food"
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    cutest of the profiles I will spend my time here watching after I retire <3

    cutest of the profiles I will spend my time here watching after I retire <3
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    Very nice fella <3

    Very nice fella <3
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    Soulspeed Enchant

    Well as you know we got no way to get soulspeed on survival and I was thinking if we could get it added to the misc shop since trading with piglins does not work they take your gold and never drop it back again so getting it added somewhere would be nice to have to make soulsand builds easier...