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  1. alexgamer88

    Survival Season 8 Suggestions

    Make it possible to simply exchange cubits for mana/$, mana for cubits/$, and $ for cubits/mana by just running /exchange [amount] [currency] [currency]. You can have someone update prices every other week or so? Edit: And souls I forgot about souls lol
  2. alexgamer88

    Chat updates

    yeah ik but personally (and I know there are other) I play on vanilla
  3. alexgamer88

    Parkour - Season 2

    poggg I love this so much :D
  4. alexgamer88

    APRIL 2022

    oh I didn't know that was an update lol
  5. alexgamer88

    APRIL 2022

    What exactly was the update to king benny?
  6. alexgamer88

    Chat updates

    You can? How can you make your chat smaller?
  7. alexgamer88

    Search for Forums

    Smart +1
  8. alexgamer88

    Lapis Lazuli

    What realm is this? Skyblock? Survival?
  9. alexgamer88

    Chat updates

    Often times I like having chat open but I don't like it when it blocks 25% of my screen. Maybe make a command called /chat settings where you can check what of the following you want show in your chat 1: Events (lps, boss, king benny) 2: Public chat (just reg chat messages) 3. Private messages...
  10. alexgamer88

    Parkour suggestion

    Or maybe on the right it can just say?
  11. alexgamer88

    Winning C00bits

    Great idea. I really hope this gets added as I'm really in need of some cubits lol
  12. alexgamer88

    Do you have to have a rank befor you can set a warp?

    Hello- this isn't the correct place to put this comment but I'll still answer it. To set a public warp you will need MVP+ or better, however, you can set a party warp by using /p warpset with any rank.
  13. alexgamer88

    Mana glitching out for anyone else?

    Yeah it's happening for everyone. Mod+ messaged me and said admins are looking into it.
  14. alexgamer88

    I'm new

    Thank you! :)
  15. alexgamer88

    I'm new

    Hey guys- I'm pretty new to Manacube, any tips on how to improve? Getting xp fast, getting souls fast, and more would be helpful tips. Thanks :D