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  1. EvanTech

    Draw a face on this dog and repost

    I’ll put my favorite one in my signature after a while have fun I’ll start
  2. EvanTech

    Season Vault Access

    English language abbreviations consist of the first letter of each word from a phrase used to shorten a term. Here I have provided multiple sources defining acronyms and initialisms to create the most accurate and reasonable abbreviation for our lovely term here, "Season Vault Access". S. V. A.
  3. EvanTech

    Minecraft: Professional's Handbook

    :mc_331-0: Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new thread about everything the community has to share about Minecraft! I recently found out that my little cousin started playing Minecraft and is SUPER into it! While he may act like he knows everything about the game, he still has a lot to learn that...
  4. EvanTech

    [Survival] Add specific rules regarding redstone

    No rules or information pages mention anything about redstone machines or flying machines, etc, being prohibited. By the time a player makes something and a staff rules it out to be punishable, it's too late and it's already been built. For example, we recently built a small(ish) sugar cane...
  5. EvanTech


    Welcome to my VIP/VIP+/MVP rank upgrade giveaway! The rules are simple, you must be Member/VIP/VIP+ rank to enter for the chance to win the next rank! However, if you are MVP, MVP+ or ELITE rank and decide to enter, you can nominate a friend of a lower rank to receive the upgrade in your place...
  6. EvanTech

    Hello everyone!

    Hi, EvanTech here! I joined the server on April 21st, 2020 and so far I've found a place at home in the Parkour server. I've gotten close with some of the players and play just about every day! I bought the MVP rank, got some ancient keys for Parkour and now I got all the chat cosmetics I could...
  7. EvanTech

    Haunted Manor map suggestion

    Once you reach checkpoint #8 in the Haunted Manor map, you will turn left on the chandelier to read "Follow the carpets". However, the next blue carpet below you will kill you if you attempt to jump to it. I found out after some confusion that you have to turn around and jump down the large...