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  1. natelaflame


    Guys it has finally happened. After much peer pressure and bullying dacon he has made us a generous agreement. 500 votes and the nate crate will be implemented. How would you like access to a mommy tag or a goth girl tag. Perhaps a piss potion? All you have to do is vote for the poll and this...
  2. natelaflame

    Rejected Gol-Iath Hard map

    Username: nate2shiesty Map name: Gol-Iath The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: /plot v nate2shiesty 3 Hard Map Photos of your Parkour
  3. natelaflame

    Rejected Polaroid - Easy

    Builders: ThatGirl5arah & nate2shiesty Map name: Polaroid Location: /plot v ThatGirl5arah 2 Easy Map, 35 Jumps, 4 Checkpoints Pictures: