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  1. Cheesey


    not many people know me on the manacube network so i am here to tell you who i am. i am dosah, mainly known as cheesey. your shoes are untied btw. have a good day
  2. Cheesey

    Aether or Atlas?

    What do you think is better and why Aether or Atlas?? I think atlas because its not such a full server as in there is not as many people that play atlas and there is a really nice community although chat can be a bit dead and im not saying aether doesn't have a good community but i don't really...
  3. Cheesey

    Who is ready for christmas?

    im just wondering who is already in the Christmas spirit and who has put their Christmas tree up already?
  4. Cheesey


    ok so i was playing olympas prisons as i do and they DOPEY3000 tells me to look at the heads on the wall (the staff names) so i do and say ,"ok?" and then he starts saying that all he staff are "spastics" so im saying no they are not and how are they and he just wont answer. just thought...
  5. Cheesey

    just lost 50k mana

    i was just playing trying to get my 10th rebirth and then i lost 50k mana and i didnt buy anything