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  1. ashalee

    Small SVA give-away

    i won't be entering, but i just wanted to say this was so sweet to do a giveaway! best of luck to all who enter <3
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    i was banned for no reason

    Hey there! Feel free to file an official ban appeal here ( ) and a staff member will be able to further assist and review your ban so that everything can be figured out!
  3. ashalee

    if you could say one thing to the whole world at once, what would it be?

    hm, i'd probably say something along the lines of "you can get through this. you are loved and worth it" everyone deserves to know they are loved and appreciated : )
  4. ashalee

    Lets Get Even More Controversial with Staff

    these were so fun to answer, great questions elly!
  5. ashalee

    Counting to a million ;)

  6. ashalee

    the heart on your pfp represents my love for you, alice!

    the heart on your pfp represents my love for you, alice!
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  8. ashalee

    THANK YOU OMG, you're the best <3

    THANK YOU OMG, you're the best <3
  9. ashalee

    New title for creative

    heya heya!! i do see where you're coming from regarding this suggestion, however sophia hit the points pretty spot on. since creative hasn't been super active, there aren't many submissions, therefore with the few staff that we do have, the flow of grading each submission has been relatively...
  10. ashalee

    Olympus Season 5

  11. ashalee

    Lets Get Controversial with the Staff

    eat mor chikn
  12. ashalee

    Terry is a simp

    terry is absolutely a simp, but we love him for it
  13. ashalee

    I wanted to know how the hell do I change my name on this cos I made this account ages ago and I hate my username and want to change it thanks lmao

    Heya! If you click on your profile picture in the top left, there will be a dropdown menu where it says "account details." click on that and you will see a box that says "username." you can change it from there! edit: jojo was too fast for me :sob:
  14. ashalee

    clear skin

    my gosh abbie, i read the "clear skin" title and thought this was a spam post
  15. ashalee

    #SophiaForOwner #BanJacon

    ah yes, daily manacube politics. i am not biased i promise! #SophiaForOwner
  16. ashalee

    Genuine Questions

    my manacube journey has probably got to be an overall 7.5-8. ive played since june of 2019 and became staff in june of 2020, therefore ive had an overall equal-ish amount of time being a player and being on the staff team. i chose a high number because ive made so many friends through mana, and...
  17. ashalee

    I bought a vip+ rank a while ago and nothing has happened

    heya!! if you could file a support ticket using the link below, a staff member will be able to further assist with reclaiming your rank! <3 support page:
  18. ashalee

    Make a sentence with 6 words

    even vultures eat nuts too! scary... TEMPLE