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    Manacube API

    i dont think theres any API, but maybe u wanna check this one, (prison) or mana sva item list
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    Survival Season 8 Suggestions

    bring back old space blaster with faster speed add a command to see where all the placed spawners/hoppers on your party (same as /p claims too see your claimed land location , but for spawner and hopper), because if you claimed a big chunks of land and there was a natural generated spawners...
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    Survival Season 7 - Isles Video

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    Survival Season 7 - Isles Video

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    Small SVA give-away

    Prospector Pickaxe twnku#2279
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    Survival Season 7 - Isles Video

    why not?
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    Manacube Seasonal Vault List

    Click here to visit A list of SVA items, and its stats from every game modes, although there are still many missing, especially the old one and most of the items from Mineville. Currently there are about 250+ items on the list, and most of them from Fluffy_Hime's thread, Dakota's thread, and...
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    Parkour - Season 2

    imagine jumping
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    How do you unlock the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" achievement?

    just login to forum on your birthday
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    turts introduction

    Omg bestieeeee hiiii
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    whos hyped for next season+ next crate?

    buff blaster speed for next ssn
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    Lucille Nerf...

    just bring back the old Space Blaster, other blaster sucks
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    Lucille Nerf...

    Buff blaster speed too
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    PVP Nerfing Needed

    Buff blaster when?
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    PVP Nerfing Needed

    they should buff the blaster speed and remove/nerf blaster’s damage towards player
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    Cubit giveaways hosted by King Benny.

    what if you can claim it on console client?
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    first month
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    Coffee Discussion only

    i eat coffee beans
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