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  1. Twixxy

    Featured New Warp mob in oly.

    Been inspirationless for like 3 months and finally started to build the new warp. gotta say i'm really satisfied. Seems images are too big for forums smh. so heres the link.
  2. Twixxy

    Manacube Prisons SVA List [March]

    Hi there, I have been working on a sva list of all svas from manacube and mineville. Now this is is most likely incomplete but with your help im hoping to complete it. If you are missing any svas in the list please dm me on forums, discord or ingame. Hope this helps :D Prisons Sva list Note...
  3. Twixxy

    I need your help!

    I am starting to make a list of all svas, a complete list of MV and mana svas, with enchants and item abilities shown. To do this i could use your help. Now i know alot of svas on my own, but it would be impossible to know them all so i made a spreadsheet, where you can suggest any svas to be...
  4. Twixxy

    LPS Spectator option

    So i was thinking right, in lps almost every single one have people been acused of teaming. How about we make an option for players to spectate LPS as ghosts (invisible) so a recording can be make if needed. I have a feeling this will decrease the chances of people teaming because they know...
  5. Twixxy

    Drop Protection

    so hear me out, this probably has been suggested already but i feel like this could help us alot if we implement it. i find that the current drop protection is not safe enough for svas, we have seen with various players that they accidentally dropped protected items. Hell! even rebinding drop...
  6. Twixxy

    /filter suggestion

    So i've been thinking about it, and after grinding hades for a very long time i'd think that we could make the /filter perk usefull again. when players are farming hades mobs they will get alot, and i mean alot of farming materials and mob drops, alot of people just toss it out and some go to...
  7. Twixxy

    Complete list of my personel sva's

    Heya, basically i saw some peoples do it so i wanted to aswell lol. This list is a list of all the sva's i own. And before you ask i only sell my dupes not any others. At this point i do not own any sva sellwands yet but ofcourse hoping on expanding the collection. Do you want to...
  8. Twixxy

    Why do you play olympus on mana?

    Hi, i was just wondering what the reason was you play olympus, like whats the reason you stay? Personally i just love the community, i like the gameplay, i like the grind. But the main reason im here is just to have fun with chatting with everyone. And i love grindy games :) What about you??
  9. Twixxy

    Trench sell message poll

    So those who have trench can relate to this, the trench sell message being spammed in chat. Personally i'd think it would be better if we have the option to disable the sell messages, since we can see our money at top of our screen. Lemme know what you bois and gurls think about this:) added a...
  10. Twixxy

    Please change cactus :)

    So i mean cactus got buffed a week ago, still think that its not worth it. 1 full inf chest with cactus sells 1728 cactus multiply that with 1.1 for 1900.8 now with a 30% tax ontop of that u only get 1330.5 dollars for a full chest. please think about changing this. just asking some staff to...
  11. Twixxy

    Suggestion plot trust

    so i have been thinking, with plot you can add/ trust people but you are not sure you can trust them while you for example want them to help or something like that but dont want them to sniff around in your chests. Might it be a good idea if you had different levels of trust, like chest only or...
  12. Twixxy

    Never drop anything from you Personal vault

    so someone needed a pickaxe with silk touch and i helped him, went to my pv and dropped it from there. it glitched out, i lost my pickaxe and just dissapeared. its nowhere to be found, not in my pv's not in the nearby chests my friend didnt have it, its just totally gone, if anyone can help with...
  13. Twixxy

    Fixing {ManaMining_Level}

    everytime i try to see my mining in my menu i see this {ManaMining_Level}. is there a possibility for a solution on that, i know there are other ways to see my mining level.
  14. Twixxy

    VIP to MVP+

    so i bought VIP a week ago and i am wondering do i have to buy or the MVP+ package or buy VIP to VIP+ the VIP+ to MVP then MVP to MVP+?? is there another way to do it?
  15. Twixxy

    Better Way for Mana

    So ive been oon this server for a while and the only thing that is a problem is the fact that mana is farmed Really slow and yes i know upgrade your pickaxe with fortune efficiency and haste will let it go alot faster but i mean like even in vip mine or god mine its takes a while to get a desent...