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  1. Softijsje26

    I need some cubits

    You can buy cubits from players, buy them in the store. Sell items on ah for cubits. Hallow said already /cow and being online to enter the hourly giveaway. Also /top pays out cubits every month, got to be top 5 for that. P1 gets 50, p2 gets 40, p3 gets 30, p4 gets 25 and p2 gets 15. Check...
  2. Softijsje26


    Hi les_go
  3. Softijsje26

    Small SVA give-away

    /kit pickaxe
  4. Softijsje26

    Parkour - Season 2

  5. Softijsje26


    Last season we had chestshops, we could buy things from people, we could sell things to people. These are very usefull for having 1 item a lot (for example pond loot). If you can make a shop where other people can buy you dont have to ah everything. So my suggestion is to add it back and we...
  6. Softijsje26

    Volcano eggs

    The situation right now is that you get the same amount of eggs from magma in hades and volcano. I think that should change. I think the amount of eggs in volcano should be 2x. So if u get eggs from magma you get 2 eggs instead of 1. Right now after people got the scrap rebirth and they can just...
  7. Softijsje26

    Skyblock Season 11

    Lets go!
  8. Softijsje26

    Mana use

    Would love that!
  9. Softijsje26

    why i wont use autocraft chests

    I agree 100%. I try to use those chest and even with 5 autocraft chest more then 50% of the ingots doesnt get crafted into blocks.
  10. Softijsje26

    Mana use

    Hello, Right now for beginners mana is difficult to get, good thing it should not get easy. Now a few months in more people will get a pickaxe max. After trench, autosell, divine, souls and maybe a few more enchant on your pickaxe everyone is happy with the pickaxe. After all these upgrades you...
  11. Softijsje26

    Private Mines for Patrons

    -1, Let people get private mines for cubits tho!
  12. Softijsje26

    Add Asgard Season 3 Legend Trophies to Olympus

    +1, they spent also a lot of time to get those tops. So they should get legends too!
  13. Softijsje26

    Global Cubit Coinflip suggestion. Pls comment your thoughts

    I agree, but I am wondering if they can implement that. If possible, it is definitely an addition to the server.
  14. Softijsje26

    More and bigger mines.

    Olympus need to have more and bigger mines. With trench being buffed for mana, and soon for miningxp people will use a lot more trench. Right now is the situation that every evening for me from like 5pm CET till I go to bed all mines are full with people. Only the apollo mines are not multiple...
  15. Softijsje26

    [CLOSED] 100x Christmas Crate Giveaway

    IGN: Softijsje26 Disc: Softijsje#5581 Server: Olympus Favourite Christmas memory: Eating a lot, and having a good chat with the family
  16. Softijsje26

    ManaPVP Season 11

  17. Softijsje26

    Nomination Giveaway! [CLOSED]

    I nominate @Blowings
  18. Softijsje26

    [CLOSED] Rank Upgrade Giveaway! (not open to current MVP+)

    IGN-Name: Softijsje26 Current rank: MVP Discord: Softijsje#5581 Aztec, Because the most people there are nice :D
  19. Softijsje26

    30 Cubit Giveaway!

    IGN: Softijsje26 Discord: Softijsje26#5581 Fave server: Aztec, I joined it almost 3 months ago and enjoyed the people who play aztec. So I like the people who main theire.