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  1. carvhes

    Rejected Articuno - Insane

    Usernames: carvhes, awesoness, and GamersDecision Articuno /plot v Articuno Insane 105 Jumps, 11 Checkpoints picz:
  2. carvhes

    Accepted Eiscue - Hard

    Usernames: carvhes & emeenem Eiscue /plot v Eiscuew Hard 65 Jumps, 5 Checkpoints pixelated imagined systems:
  3. carvhes

    Accepted Air Fryer - Easy

    Username: carvhes Air Fryer /plot v AirFryer Easy 35 Jumps, 4 Checkpoints photographic images:
  4. carvhes

    Accepted AF1 - Easy

    Usernames: carvhes & Emeenem AF1 /plot v AF1 Easy 27 Jumps, 4 Checkpoints picz:
  5. carvhes

    Accepted Vinyl - Medium

    Usernames: carvhes & BluePottwal Vinyl /plot v vinyl Medium 63 Jumps, 4 Checkpoints pictuuuuuuures:
  6. carvhes

    What is a block you will NEVER use in a map?

    Happy (late) new years everyone! I was thinking about it and I noticed there are quite a few blocks that I don't use in maps. Not because they can't be used, but because I just refuse to use them. My question to the mappers is this: What block will you never use in a map no matter what? <3
  7. carvhes

    Accepted Valentino - Medium

    Map name: Valentino Difficulty: Medium Jumps: 46 Checkpoints: 5 Map maker: carvhes Parkour Builder: Emeenem Plot: /plot v carvhes 13 Pics:
  8. carvhes

    Accepted Merlot - Hard

    Mapname : Merlot Difficulty: Hard Jumps: 56 Checkpoints: 8 Builders: carvhes Pink_Bovine Location: /plot v carvhes 1 Picsss:
  9. carvhes

    Accepted Bled - Easy

    Builders: trashthetic & carvhes Map Name: Bled /plots v Bled Difficulty: Easy 24 Jumps, 4 Checkpoints Pictures: Note: As for my previous map Brasilia, this is based on a real place! Lake Bled is located in Slovenia and looks beautiful!
  10. carvhes

    Suggestion for a plug-in

    Hiiii, I had an idea for a plug-in and thought I'd share it. I would love to see a sort of bank system in pk. A plug-in where higher ranks can do /deposit {mana} and have our mana put into a bank. Would be nice for people trying to save mana. Maybe we could even earn mana over time based on how...
  11. carvhes

    Accepted Brasilia - Medium

    carvhes & BootzMC Brasilia /plots v Brasilia Medium 45 Jumps, 5 Checkpoints This build is based on a real cathedral in Brazil!! There are a few things inside that are not in the real build, but those are there to fill space. If you're interested in seeing what it looks like IRL, google "The...
  12. carvhes

    Rejected Pamplemousse - Easy

    carvhes, ampsterdam Pamplemousse /plots v carvhes 4 Easy 36 Jumps, 4 Checkpoints
  13. carvhes

    Accepted Pumpkin Patch - Easy (2ND RESUBMISSION)

    Made By: carvhes /plot h carvhes 1 Jumps: 30 (Idk how it stays at 30 jumps I don't even plan it to be that way lmao) Checkpoints: 3 Pictures (NOTE: Used old pictures because my PC is being stupid and won't let me take a screenshot):
  14. carvhes

    Hacked Record Times

    Heyo, I'm sure someone has already brought this up, but is there a way to remove the hacked times on all maps in challenge mode? Perhaps a reset to all WR times and implement a way to remove these times in the future? Just a thought, carv
  15. carvhes

    Rejected Pumpkin Patch - Easy (RESUBMISSION)

    Made By: carvhes /plot home carvhes (plot 1) Jumps: 30 Checkpoints: 3 Pictures: Notes: I appreciate the kind comments about the build! I agree the jumps were mainly ladders, so I added in a variety of new jump types! I also added in a new base to the bottom of the map. Hope you enjoy it!
  16. carvhes

    Rejected Pumpkin Patch - Easy

    Made By: carvhes /plot home carvhes (plot 1) Jumps: 30 Checkpoints: 3 Picture: