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  1. QuasiSynth


    QuasiSynth ImmuneSonic#2969
  2. QuasiSynth

    Survival Season 8

    why no holy on shields still tho like wtf
  3. QuasiSynth

    3 Cubits Giveaway

    QuasiSynth skyblock swrds and dc if im never on u already have
  4. QuasiSynth

    [ENDED] Crates + Cubits GIVEAWAY

    QuasiSynth 12345 L bozo
  5. QuasiSynth

    Next Crate idea

    +1 after that do nintendo crate tho (with kirby stuff)
  6. QuasiSynth

    Nerf Sparkle Chestplate/Eros Legs&Boots

    if the sparkle chestplate is turned to say 0 people can just use pumpkin pick festive hoes santa gloves and whatever else have sat 2. so if it is gonna be nerfed (which it prob will) i say atleast give it sat 1 or add smth that can counter it like an item that removes all enchant effects (ik...
  7. QuasiSynth

    Tradable keys

    In season 10 the non physical keys were introduced however by doing this it removed the ability to sell/trade keys which makes it hard for u to get keys for bold and whatever else u might want. the ways of getting keys now is only from events eg pond ( and trials but noone does them) this makes...
  8. QuasiSynth

    Burninglands nether wart blocks

    At the start of skyblock reset in burninglands you were able to mine the nether wart blocks for money mana and most importantly for the resource challenge however after about 2 weeks of been able to do this it was removed as it was a *bug* however as there is currently no reason for someone to...
  9. QuasiSynth

    Un-nerf Lucille

  10. QuasiSynth

    Global Cubit Coinflip suggestion. Pls comment your thoughts WE DID IT BOIS
  11. QuasiSynth

    Player using Reach?

    looks fine
  12. QuasiSynth

    Global Cubit Coinflip suggestion. Pls comment your thoughts

    as the person with the most wins in the server i 100% agree
  13. QuasiSynth

    G0reds Departure

    my fav thing about manacube is svas as they can be whatever u want however i feel like the svas have started going downhill recently. However even tho the svas themselves arnt amazing i feel the texture of them is still really well done so i still (try) and collect them (also like flexing)...
  14. QuasiSynth

    [CLOSED] 100x Christmas Crate Giveaway

    QuasiSynth ImmuneSonic#2969 skyblock got a giant jenga set once from my nan when i was like 12 and we played a few before i pulled out a brick and the whole tower fell on me. it hurt. @Swrds @AbiXChew @gapplegal
  15. QuasiSynth

    5 Cubits Giveaway!

    IGN: QuasiSynth fav staff: hayley/swrds/gap/ping/ven fav candy: double decker
  16. QuasiSynth

    Teaming fix in LPS

    u aint first :P
  17. QuasiSynth

    Teaming fix in LPS

    waiting for the first person to say they like teaming
  18. QuasiSynth

    5 Cubits Giveaway!

    QuasiSynth i wanna cf it ofc. idk why i even play it its horrible but what else am i gonna do.