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    [ENDED] 30 Cubits Giveaway

    ArchVenom ArchVenom#6129
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    Survival Season 8

    Looks amazing :o
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    [ENDED] 10 CUBIT GIVEAWAY (New Style)

    ArchVenom ArchVenom#6129
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    Nerf Sparkle Chestplate/Eros Legs&Boots

    I can't agree with this tbh. Tell me this, when was the last time you died Kijani? You own Eros and Sparkle. I'm not talking about being voided, but seriously when was the last time you died from someone either using melee or projectiles or hell even boss? Yes I can agree that Holys make it...
  6. ArchVenom

    Nerf Sparkle Chestplate/Eros Legs&Boots

    Yeah that's why I made the comment to remove Sat 2 from pvp arenas in general. It would actually be a benefit to all tbh, not just people with sparkle chests but it would change it for everyone who has sat items and make it so people are killable- removing potion effects would result in everyone...
  7. ArchVenom

    Nerf Sparkle Chestplate/Eros Legs&Boots

    I would agree with this 100%, but even change it further, Sat 2 items should not be able to work in pvp areas in general. Sat 2 items (pumpkin pick, festive hoe, santas glove, sparkle chest, festive axe, banana sword) are overpowered as it is and when it comes to pvp it can make anyone...
  8. ArchVenom

    Parkour - Season 2

    I'll actually try and play more on parkour with this new season x3
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    Interest for /is bank

    It sounds like a good idea, but honestly I don't know how well it would work. It would result in players just putting billions into their is bank and getting money faster than players that don't have the ability to put billions into it.
  10. ArchVenom

    KOTH in skyblock

    I do like this idea however yeah we would need to solve the issue of this CE’s such as shockwave and high knock back items like Lucille, teddy bear, and mythical sword
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    Un-nerf Lucille

    I can agree with that, as I did mention as well I feel it could be nerfed in a way that reduces the time that you have slowness, and in addition to that it is very possible to just release more SVAs similar to the Lucille to give other players an opportunity to have them. It's similar to the...
  12. ArchVenom

    Un-nerf Lucille

    It's not just one SVA and that's where you are mistaken. If you take other SVAs out of the equation it also makes SVA combat impossible. If you were to limit the damage of a blaster by say 50% well SVA combat is once again impossible. If you were to take away bows with the CE's of explosion, SVA...
  13. ArchVenom

    Un-nerf Lucille

    I have played on Manacube since slightly before the release of the Lucille and I was able to see the PVP meta before and after with nerfs coming in to ruin PVP often. When the Lucille was released and since the release we actually had hope for PVP and thought it would actually be possible to...
  14. ArchVenom

    Lucille Nerf...

    +1 I am a skyblock player and hell we don't even pvp that much. However, there is no point anymore, not even a point in trying to go kill some guy wearing slayer armor or anything like that because of Gears 3. The slowness 5 was fine because of Gears 3. It did not need a nerf and that was it...
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    In the future I'd try to use a nametag to name the villagers, a named mob will not disappear from a chunk (or rather it shouldn't). I hope they are able to help ya get a couple new villager eggs! I don't quite know what you were going for with villagers but if you need mending feeling free to...
  16. ArchVenom

    Crate & Furniture Update

    I am very happy Banana Crate was released and I’d like to thank the staff team for doing it !! It’s a good crate love y’all
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    Generally in pvp zones the server tends to be a bit more laggy, I'm not really sure why, but it has been a consistent thing in /duel, LPS, and pvp areas, I don't know if it's an issue with Mana so much or just an issue overall with the 1.16 version of Minecraft the server is running off of...
  18. ArchVenom

    Help i cant afford this to happen

    SGT add me on discord ArchVenom#6129, I can try and help you with Microsoft
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    80+ Cubit-Value Giveaway! 6 Hours Away!

    Love the ideas of giveaways so thank you, they help newer players stay on the server longer and they further the development of the community!
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    WINNERS of the 100x Christmas Crate Giveaway

    Congrats everyone!