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  1. JustAthenaxD

    *Throws stinky inky*

    *Throws stinky inky*
  2. JustAthenaxD

    Cubits Giveaway

    IGN: JustAthenaxD Discord Name: JustAthena#0998 What server I play: Creative
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    [CLOSED] Elite Rank Giveaway

    JustAthenaxD "qkkrkakw"
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    Check in

    I mean tbh ive been enjoying covid aswell, im way less stressed cause i only have half the shifts at work, so i can keep up with a school a little better + i have time to play mc) i may have gotten pretty bad grades for like "participation in class" but they were low to begin with (stupid...
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    Olympus Season 4

    maybe i should finally play something other than creative :eyes:
  7. JustAthenaxD

    Getting rid of end portal spams

    Creative players are getting, sick and tired of hearing the loud noise of an end portal being spammed. so far the answer we have gotten is "Just turn of hostile mobs sounds". Why not instead remove the ability to place endportals for members, this would get rid of 99.9% of all the spams.
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    [CLOSED] Rank Upgrade Giveaway! (not open to current MVP+)

    (ALT) JustAthena member JustAthena#0998 my fav gamemode is creative, because i get to destress by building and hanging out with my friends.
  9. JustAthenaxD

    30 Cubit Giveaway!

    IGN- JustAthenaxD Discord- JustAthena#0998 Fave ManaCube server: Creative, i enjoy building and hanging out with my friends, a great way to kill time doing the online classes!
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    Count to 1000 Before a Admin posts

    574 :D
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    Acronym game

    Hello Kitty always judges Fish WYHFB
  12. JustAthenaxD

    Acronym game

    Jazz All Five Fridays next letters ILUE
  13. JustAthenaxD

    Acronym game

    Elephants Prioitize Eating Creative Hazelnuts New letters: KMIOL
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    Acronym game

    The overly anoying person eats rice New Letters: MAEWO
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    Count to 1000 Before a Admin posts

    343 xD