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  1. SinnerStar

    novaedream - Staff Application

    I’m giving you a -1 due to the incident that happened today/yesterday in this other discord we’re in, your behavior and you trying to prove a point wasn’t necessary and rude. You continued on to it instead of dropping it even if they continued. Personally I think you need to learn to not let...
  2. SinnerStar

    Dream HeadQuarters

    Dream base looks hot asf :weary:
  3. SinnerStar

    Fite me >>>.>>>

    Fite me >>>.>>>
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  5. SinnerStar

    Who will be the last post :ooo

  6. SinnerStar

    What server has the best community, in your opinion?

    Islands for me, it’s welcoming small community and everyone knows each other and helpful c:
  7. SinnerStar

    December 2018

    Congrats Hydro
  8. SinnerStar

    QOL Updates

    ooo Love the new chat protection, no more spammers hopefully
  9. SinnerStar

    Updates & Improvements

    Finally I don’t have to worry for players to do /cubits pay sinnerstart islands spawn looks nice, hopefully skyblock gets a new spawn in the future since the one in 4.0 was beautiful and ayyy skyblock quests can’t wait for that to come out
  10. SinnerStar


    SinnerStar- why do I deserve to win one of these lovely prizes? Well you see I was recently kicked off the island I was on (we don’t talk about what happened c: ) I was homeless for a while and went to island to island I was cooped on for a while. After that I got bored and made a island for...
  11. SinnerStar

    February 2018

    Geez 20 cubits and rip staff team.
  12. SinnerStar

    Yum or Yuck?

    Yum Ice cream
  13. SinnerStar

    Unable to Complete Advanced Challenge - "DJ"

    Soosh, I have the Music Disc if you need it c’:
  14. SinnerStar

    Monthly Crates + Cubit Revamp + Parkour Update

    Wow monthly crates looks cool o:
  15. SinnerStar

    Changes to Staff Team

    Congrats Juan on being a staff manager!! Also to all the staff members that have been promoted as well!! :D
  16. SinnerStar

    Skyblock Kingdoms & Christmas Bundle

    Welp time to save cubits... *cries*
  17. SinnerStar

    Skyblock 6.0 Follow-up + 5.0 Champions

    :D yay! Congrats to everyone!!
  18. SinnerStar

    Finished Ho-Ho-Holidays Build Contest!

    Ooo this one definitely caught my attention
  19. SinnerStar


    Ahh I love most of the perks! Hopefully I get it soon c’: