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    Queen died of england

  2. iAmBungee

    Queen died of england

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    Can Someone PLEASE explain this to me?

    It's to lower the amount of cubits in circulation.
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    Skips that don't abuse bugs should be allowed

    I'm honestly surprised that's not allowed. I feel like doing the map anyway possible as fast as possible (aslong as it doesn't involve glitches) would be encouraged but that's just me (then again I'm not a parkour player so maybe that's a hot take)
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    9 Year Anniversary | New Hub

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    Queen died of england

    skill issue
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    I lost my items - open a ticket
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    That definitely sounds like a typical manacube moment. No surprise here.
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    Reset Anarchy

    I always forget this server has an anarchy gamemode. Does anyone actually play it?
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    3 Cubit Giveaway!

    iAmBungee Universal is better than Disney
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    ign: iAmBungee dc: iAmBungee#3853 Why I stay: For friends and only that. The gameplay alone on the server isn't honestly that fun anymore if I'm being honest, things have been stale for a long time. The community is what carries the server for me personally.
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    I want staff

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    Giving patron+ global mvp+ (or something like that)

    no. Patron/Patron+ is a title, not a rank.
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    we need minigames

    Sort of +1 - Wished they added more in-game events to the gamemodes (Bosses, lps, pond are all stale events. Not much fun to be had there anymore.)
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    Player Profiles & Chat Filter

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    revamp /fishshop !!

    +1 - Season just started, and fish shop is already pointless to most players (excluding new ones) as alot of us have the hooked title already.
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    Losing everything

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    Now it's time to boost Turtle.

    Now it's time to boost Turtle.
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    [ENDED] 30 Cubits Giveaway

    iAmStingRee iAmBungee#3853