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  1. silentinhales

    Add a skull emoji

  2. silentinhales

    Crate & Furniture Update

    +1 hex colours ftw
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    you’re late to it Skyblock/Islands & Prisons Mod

    you’re late to it Skyblock/Islands & Prisons Mod
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    Add Asgard Season 3 Legend Trophies to Olympus

    ✧゚・ ASGARD SEASON 3 LEGEND TROPHIES ・゚✧ This is gonna be a bit of a lengthy post so… ☺ ☆ TLDR - Key Takeaways ☆: Give a 1 legend score to each leader of the top 3 Asgard plot levels (No payouts, already been given from monthly). If files on this leaderboard are unable to be found, make...
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    congrats on helper !! <33

    congrats on helper !! <33
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    Like lidderally guys

    y’all hear sumn
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    gg on mod (:<

    gg on mod (:<
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    congrats again on helper! <3

    congrats again on helper! <3
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    Vaultable Items on Earth

    Super informative especially for new players this upcoming season who are interested in purchasing the older vaults on Earth!
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    Earth Release

    Cannot wait! Looking forward to this season
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    This need to be taken more seriously...

    Awh my gosh Bread, what a sweetheart you are ♥ Thank you for your kind words, you and along with many other players are what motivate me to want to help keep the community a safe and friendly place to come and play everyday!
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    Asgard: The 12 Sun Skulls ⚠ SPOILER WARNING ⚠ (Repost From Mineville Forms)

    Thank you for re-uploading this post Fire! I see a lot of new players struggle to find a few of these skulls in chat from time to time and find this guide very helpful to reference them to for help :)
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    About the about posts

    honestly you're not wrong
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    ABOUT SILENTINHALES (she is forcing me to make this)

    Please Fire after 6 months of knowing you, I truly cannot say I'm surprised reading this forum post from you. Here's a refresher back to Asgard Season 2 of January 2021 when you were a Jarl and I took this screenshot, incase you forgot that as well.
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    About Silent...

    Thank you for your kind words Jam <3 It's always a joy to log on and see you on! p.s I'm crying in Spanish