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    Survival Season 8

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    Survival Season 7

    This is amazing!
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    Survival /silk idea!

    isn't that what you do all the time o_O
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    '' Vote everyday for rewards! ''

    if you can see, he said he already got help
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    The Merge

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    4/4 Armor Piece Buff Messages

    When you have 4/4 Pieces of a set, such as the Dragon Armor Set (2x Mob Heads & Perm Speed 2), it should say in chat that the buffs have been activated, because you don't know if they are actually working. Example Messages: &a(armor) buffs have been activated/applied &c(armor) buffs from (armor...
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    Toggle Certain Messages Setting

    Add a command like /toggles (or a seperate section for /settings), which brings a GUI that you can toggle certain messages in chat, such as ManaPond Messages, Vote Messages/Rewards for voting messages (if voting comes back), Scrambler/Reaction Messages, FastPlace Messages, FarmLimiter Messages...
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    Alts and vpns

    holy shit no way :eek::eek:
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    wanna play minecraft with me
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    this is definitely gonna be broken
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    Sumo duels

    Sumo is cool but it wouldn't be good for Survival cuz of the tps and lag :(
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    Petition to Add Holy Prots to All SSVS
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    Global Suggestion
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    Add anti drop to armour!
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    fake fan, you put space before exclamation mark

    fake fan, you put space before exclamation mark
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    is there a problem with that

    is there a problem with that
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    i'm a fan

    i'm a fan
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    New SSVs ideas for survival.

    fake cape feather