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  1. Udun

    ? Reaction

    I think it would be pretty cool to add a “?” reaction to the forums, it would def help a lot
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    Saying it rn if the new pk staff get accepted I’ll come back to mana more gl @Inktest @Kiri @CheesyPeanutXL
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    I have never been so happy!

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    Parkour leaderboard hackers

    Take a look at the parkour leaderboards, and look at mana. Yesterday, faudon had first with 3 million mana. Today, a random non called stampy1042 has first with 12 million mana. Hacker. Hackers have taken over the mana and prestige leaderboards. Mods, please do something. -Udun
  6. Udun

    1 year on manacube. (quitting announcement)

    Hello there everyone. 1 year ago today, I logged onto manacube for the first time. This has been such a wonderful experience for me. I have achieved more than 850 hours total on the manacube network, over 1 million parkour jumps, and 3000 parkour courses completed. The community has helped...
  7. Udun

    Weekly Player Spotlight #1 - Elly_x

    Howdy Howdy! Welcome to my first weekly player spotlight! I will probably be doing this every weekend. I am continuing the amazing project that @LiLKayla was doing a few months ago. I would just like doing something nice for the community! Okay, onto the spotlight! Our first spotlighted player...
  8. Udun

    Weekly Player Spotlight Announcement

    Howdy howdy! Udun here with a little announcement! This week, I will begin continuing the weekly player spotlight posts by @LiLKayla from a little while ago. I honestly just want to do something friendly for the community! So later this week, I will be posting the very first one! I hope you...
  9. Udun

    Friendly (and other reactions!) leaderboards

    Hey there! So in my opinion, there should be forum leaderboards for all reactions, not just likes. Also in my opinion the most important of these should be friendly. Vote on this poll if you think it’s a good idea or not. -Udun
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    The new owner of manacube. (And admin)

    Hello everyone. I would like to announce that I will not be running for owner of Manacube. (duh) But, I encourage everyone reading this message to support @sophiaaah <3 for owner. She will do so many incredible things when she becomes owner, and she deserves to be the rightful owner of manacube...
  11. Udun

    About the about posts

    all of the posts that are about people made by @FireRocket33 @MissJam @silentinhales and @RQCAPTAIN are very confusing, but cool!
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    Where are the ratings.
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    Hogwarts crate on parkour

    where is the Hogwarts crate on parkour? when will it come?
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    I know a bunch of staff are leaving, but a ton are glitching on forums! it is so goddamn confusing! When will this be fixed??? Also, can someone tell me what staff actually retired and didn’t just glitch? thanks, udun
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    Announcing a little break!

    Heya manacube community! I am announcing that I will be taking a little break from playing in game to visit family on a vacation. I will still be active on forums, but not as much as I normally am, and I will not be in game at all. I expect this break to be 10 days, give or take a day or so...
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    5 promos.

    what. seriously tho congrats to @awesomeboy__ @Jash @Lavendel @Rocky702 and @Elly_x on getting factions helper! :D
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    who is the cuter top forum poster? (part 2)

    part 2 hehe u know what to do!
  18. Udun

    who is the cuter top forum poster?

    (thx to @jayjayrox for inspiring me to do this) welcome to my forum poll! in this poll, you will vote on who is the cutest top forum poster, it will be between the top 10. Hope you vote and enjoy! I will make another will 11-20!
  19. Udun

    REMOVE SPAWNPK 4x2-1s!

    This morning, I wanted to get jumper tag on parkour. I was doing very well, until I fell at 817. what was the culprit? a 4x2-1. these jumps are not very hard, but in my opinion too hard for spawnpk. I personally would like them removed, if you don't think they should be removed just let me know...
  20. Udun

    Accepted Gaz - Easy Map

    Usernames - Builder: Berry_Blue145, Parkour Builder: Uduntreal Map name - Gaz Photos of your Parkour - below The # of your Plot / or warp name to it - /plot v Uduntreal 2 Difficulty - Easy Number of jumps - About 33 Ty to @Berry_Blue145 for doing this awesome build with me, and to jessidymb...