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  1. IGLSteph

    Manacube 2022 Survival Giveaway

    Name: IGLSteph Discord: IGL Steph#6237 Christmas memory: Seeing my daughters face when santa got her what she wanted
  2. IGLSteph

    Winter Festival | 2022

  3. IGLSteph

    Is villager breeding possible?

    Intentional most likely as it makes villagers more rare. You can get the villager spawn eggs from task crates. Also if villagers breeding was a thing we would all have massive trading halls and that would cause lag
  4. IGLSteph

    Favorite Player?

    I love many different players for many different reasons. I think @Pipe_Dreamz is cool and helpful. @hyacinthfawn always has my back and @Kade_34 is super cool and awesome staff.
  5. IGLSteph

    deep questions day 2

    Darkness. I have panic attacks when the power goes out.
  6. IGLSteph

    Earth Season 3

    Lets go. Love the changes
  7. IGLSteph

    I am sick of being sick

    I am sick of being sick
  8. IGLSteph

    Halloween 2022 | Event + Crate

  9. IGLSteph

    Friends can turn your frown day into a smiling day so fast.

    Friends can turn your frown day into a smiling day so fast.
  10. IGLSteph


    Hi and welcome to mana. Hope you are enjoying yourself. What realm do you play. I am on survival and earth.
  11. IGLSteph

    Best way on building mega bases.

    What realm are you playing? I know on survival you can get flying cookies that give you 5 mins of fly time each. All you need to do is go to /worlds and click on wolfhaven. If you go there and kill the mooshroom they drop flying cookies, xp, and magic dust. Also if you can get vip then you can...
  12. IGLSteph


    Unstoppable by Sia
  13. IGLSteph

    How do I get more plot slots?

    For survival you can earn more claims by completing party quests (/quests). Your rank and party members rank can increase claims. Make sure you have done the /reclaim if you have rank. If you are vip rank (not the trial one) the you can do /prestige for free cubits and more claims.
  14. IGLSteph

    Things in life happen for reasons. Some times it is best to look at the new horizon and not...

    Things in life happen for reasons. Some times it is best to look at the new horizon and not dwell on the past. You can't change the past.
  15. IGLSteph

    PVP Concept

    @everyone we have taken your suggestions and reconfigured the arena concept. Please let me know your thought on the changes
  16. IGLSteph

    More LPS in Survival

    So right now there are only 2 LPS 11:30 am and 4:30 pm est. If anyone works normal job hours in est or ct they cannot play in the LPS on workdays. Also Lps seems to very popular. The current spacing is 5 hours so I suggest adding 1 LPS before and after the current ones. So they would be at 6:30...
  17. IGLSteph

    PVP Concept

    Can everyone give me opinions on this concept for warp PVP? I would like constructive criticism prior to asking staff if they will implement it. You can visit it /warp ConceptPVP and below are screenshots.
  18. IGLSteph

    Suggestion for Task Rewards

    I agree with this suggestion. I would love to have a guaranteed item for like a certain number of crates especially as this season progress.
  19. IGLSteph

    Turn Survivals PVP Arena into a community thing

    +1 this seems like a cool idea and a way to mix it up. Nice to have items change throughout the season
  20. IGLSteph

    3 Cubit Giveaway!