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  1. lilPietra

    People have 8 votes already....

    Sooooooooo there is someone with 8 votes and I don't understand how that is even possible when there are only 6 vote links and its the first day... Someone explain?
  2. lilPietra

    Fix Pets

    When I try to call my pet it states, "EchoPet is not compatible with this version of Spigot" I would like this to be fixed as soon as possible with the reason of me getting lonely. I need a companion with me to make me less lonely. Thank you.
  3. lilPietra

    KitPvP Reset

    This is a message to the staff team. Can we please have the reset soon? It has been over a year and there are no players on so its hard to get a high ks. I feel as if there would be more players if the reset happens. And please inform everyone at least 2 weeks prior till the reset so we don't...
  4. lilPietra

    Perm World Edit

    So i've been playing creative to just chill out and I have noticed that most commands are only for 48 hours... I think there should be a option to buy a command permanently for more mana. As some might know getting mana on creative is very hard. Us slow typers cant always type the word in time...
  5. lilPietra

    Never really introduced myself yet...

    Hello I am Stone (yes that's my real name) I mainly play on kitpvp and I feel like i'm pretty well known. I sometimes play parkour when I just want to chill and listen to some lofi. A lot of times kitpvp is dead but its still fun to talk with other people on here.
  6. lilPietra

    More players on KitPvP

    I do not understand why kit pvp is always so dead. Can we please have more player play kit pvp? Most people play on Olympus which is annoying. I at least want 20 people on kit pvp 24/7. Please whoever reads this play kit pvp. We get bored and start going insane when no one is on. I am sure some...
  7. lilPietra

    /marry in kitpvp

    Please add a /marry in kit pvp I think it is so fun to marry the person your in love with. I obviously would marry PeanutGus or Ari. You should also add a boyfriend/girlfriends system because what if I am not ready for marriage yet... Just something to think about :D
  8. lilPietra

    Percent of items in crates

    There should be a percent that any player can see for all the items in the vote crate and any other crates. I’ve always wondered what the chance of getting certain items are and im sure I’m not the only one :D
  9. lilPietra

    ManaCube App

    I suggest making a manacube app for where you can go on the forums and shops but just be able to click on the app. This will make it easier for people to keep updated when they are at school or something along those lines :)
  10. lilPietra

    Fix lag in kitpvp

    I find that there are a lot of lag spikes and it ruins the fun because you could be a really good player but you'll just get a huge lag spike and freeze then all of a sudden you dead.