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  1. PenguinBlaze

    Player Profiles & Chat Filter

    time to stalk people! (in game)
  2. PenguinBlaze

    i need smokeys discord

    yo i need smokeys discord if you have it or are smokey dm me @ItsaPengu#9112 on discord
  3. PenguinBlaze

    20 Cubit giveaway!

    ign: ItsaPengu discord: ItsaPengu#9112
  4. PenguinBlaze


    ItsaPengu ItsaPengu#9112
  5. PenguinBlaze

    smh downvoted my post

    smh downvoted my post
  6. PenguinBlaze

    Why chat should be removed

    The chat feature is something that is enabled on all Minecraft worlds and servers, even single-player. It has caused many to quit Minecraft due to others being rude. This is why chat should be removed, at least on Olympus.
  7. PenguinBlaze

    Tradable keys

    i think they did it so ppl couldnt dupe, but the /key gift or smth idea would work
  8. PenguinBlaze

    Tradable keys

    ya cuz u still wouldnt be able to dupe!
  9. PenguinBlaze

    Suggestion: Bring back Rename Scrolls for SVA's (PLS)

    Many people enjoy having their own custom items. One of the best way to customize your items is having your own name! so please, bring it back
  10. PenguinBlaze

    stop bullying

    the fact that you are banned kinda makes me think they did make u...
  11. PenguinBlaze

    Pvp Leaderboard Rewards

    they could add it anywhere ig but tbh i dont play kitpvp so i only said oly. could be on all the relms idk
  12. PenguinBlaze

    Pvp Leaderboard Rewards

    Some players such as simplly and ooggay spend all their time in pvp, so I think it is too unfair for them not to get rewards or trophies. This would also be more of an incentive for players to come into pvp. Weather you can trade a certain amount of player heads or its monthly leaderboard, there...
  13. PenguinBlaze

    Cubits For Rebirth on Olympus (for god not individual)

    oh i wasnt aware of that ty
  14. PenguinBlaze

    Cubits For Rebirth on Olympus (for god not individual)

    Other realms have prestige, but Olympus does not. As one of the more populated realms, there should be a way. I suggest that we get, say, 5 cubits if you complete all 3 rebirths under a god.
  15. PenguinBlaze

    Global Cubit Coinflip suggestion. Pls comment your thoughts

    +1 there should also be less tax on bigger cfs
  16. PenguinBlaze

    SkyWars 4.0 Announcement

    i wish
  17. PenguinBlaze

    More and bigger mines.

    for instance we could mine however we want, or use bombs without there already being holes. this is a big problem that can be fixed, just by making fancy plots.
  18. PenguinBlaze

    More and bigger mines.

    yeah, id say we need bigger mines or private mines, private mines would be great.
  19. PenguinBlaze

    New Limited Crate Idea "Abraxas"

    no kitpvp bad