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  1. Blurpyfied

    Amphitheater - Insane

    Okay well sorry to say this but I don't care if you didn't ask. You can take this criticism and apply it to your map. I don't care what you do, but as of now it won't be accepted.
  2. Blurpyfied

    Amphitheater - Insane

    Hello, I am here to give you a review of this map. While the build is good, the parkour is floating and makes the map look ugly. The theme is terrible, as there has already been maps with a similar theme. I suggest looking at the map list and reading the parkour guide lines.
  3. Blurpyfied

    Winter Festival | 2022

  4. Blurpyfied

    Sony Playstation 3 Slim ~ Medium

    Made By: Blurpyfied & CheesyPeanutXL /plot v SonyPS3 or /plot v Blurpyfied 2 Jumps: 41 Checkpoints: 7
  5. Blurpyfied

    The Pot

    not all people can't get to photo's on their pcs lmao.
  6. Blurpyfied

    Plex ~ Expert (Resubmission)

    Made By: Blurpyfied /plot v plex Jumps: 73 Checkpoints: 7 Tested by: Inktest & balls_12
  7. Blurpyfied

    -PushinP's Forfeiting Spawners - No spawners in corner raid rule.

    don't even bother arguing it's not worth your time.
  8. Blurpyfied

    kit players should stop asking for unban alls, like that aint ever going to happen LMAO

    kit players should stop asking for unban alls, like that aint ever going to happen LMAO
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  10. Blurpyfied

    Rejected Jurassic Park (easy)

    Your theme is unoriginal -1
  11. Blurpyfied

    im the king

    It can show on their record that they are perm banned, but they could have been unbanned by now.
  12. Blurpyfied

    Rejected Plex ~ Expert

    Made By: Blurpyfied /plot home Blurpyfied 9 or /plot v Plex Made By: Blurpyfied Parkour Test By: Inktest, and balls_12 Jumps: 96 Checkpoints: 9 From the Start, there is a TP Block to the inside of the hand, below is the screenshot of where it ends.
  13. Blurpyfied

    Rejected THE GIGA CHAD! - Insane

    bro became a gogy chad for doing an easy lmao
  14. Blurpyfied

    Closed Lighthouse - medium

    Hello! Your theme is unoriginal. There are already some lighthouse maps on the server, and the build really isn't the best. Check out some of the newer maps, from the current "accepted community maps" tab under Parkour and use that as inspiration for your next original themed map! Also, don't...
  15. Blurpyfied

    Halloween 2022 | Event + Crate

  16. Blurpyfied

    Finished Parkour Race Map Competition

    here's mine discord:Blurpyfied#4260 Blocks Used: Clean double slab, and soulsand Builder: Blurpyfied /plot v Bartend Difficulty: Easy 24 Jumps:2 Checkpoints
  17. Blurpyfied

    Horrible KitPvP staff

    Yeah, I definitely can. Watching this backfire of a thread that should've been locked first day, makes me side with NoFckz. I'm not much of a kit player, but common sense logic would be to not do all this shit.
  18. Blurpyfied

    Horrible KitPvP staff

    ?!?!?!?!?!?? So you're telling me, this is a simulation.
  19. Blurpyfied

    Horrible KitPvP staff

    what is ur logic? can you read?
  20. Blurpyfied


    what the respectful women above me said......