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  1. skydude1234

    Staff vs Players

  2. skydude1234

    im the king

    bro how does it take you guys like 20mins to write a literal 1 sentence response
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    I just went in the announcements section of forum posts apparently they announced this game as "imposter" last summer when the mineville merge was happening
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    What is the amongus minigame even going to be about?
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    New member

    Welcome to forums
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    Free cubits!!

    gimme cubit ima be online soon wait am I too late alraedy
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    Weird Pricing for server ranks?

    Idk why it’s like that. Just buy cubits and buy a rank in-game with /ranks I think it’s cheaper that way, idk
  8. skydude1234

    isands PVP

    Thank you good sir
  9. skydude1234

    Winter Festival | 2022

    the correct term is "It's the Cheeson"
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    im the king

    im just here witnessing a roast battle where each answer happens 30mins later
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    isands PVP

    and ima go play festival SEEYA
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    Happy holidays to Manacube from Anarchy

    If this was 2b2t, these builds would be long gone Thankfully, no one plays on anarchy anymore, other than some few select players also nice builds
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    Winter Festival | 2022

    Welp, at least he actually mentioned islands in the post this time
  14. skydude1234

    Winter Festival | 2022

    How much does restoring a lost day cost in cubits? plz make it 0.1c and not an absurd price
  15. skydude1234

    Winter Festival | 2022

    no it wasn't cuz u used propeller mushroom
  16. skydude1234

    isands PVP

    1. if everyone feels that way, then why haven't you guys updated islands, 2. Since were already talking about future seasons, when is the next one? 3. just update islands. just give us SOMETHING, we don't even need to get it along with a reset just PLEASE give us ANY NEW CONTENT. 4. btw thanks...
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    Man just said what ive been tryna say for weeks

    Man just said what ive been tryna say for weeks
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    i dont understand this sync thing im tryna get my /cow

    xd they lied to you syncing forums is useless you gotta sync discord aka u can just get discord account, sync and then delete discord account
  19. skydude1234

    im the king

    cap. Skydiegame is king or someone else just not you cuz kings don't go around saying that they are king randomly for no reason.
  20. skydude1234

    Islands Trading Infinity Chest for sell chests

    no. autocraft chests be useless