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    Staff vs Players

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    You provide a superpower, the person under you replies with a downside.

    instead of spiderman they turn you into a spider-man abomination. communicate with animals
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    Question of the Day #5

    a red panda would be so dope
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    Rework the reset map item on adventure maps

    As it currently stands, the reset map item works as follows; if you right click it twice you reset your progress, regardless of the timing of these clicks. If you were to click the button on accident (not uncommon when the other item is next to it) that would mean the next time you clicked it...
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    Staff vs Players

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    685 introduction

    Whats up, joined the server a couple days ago might as well make an introduction on here. My IGN is 685 and my actual name is Raff, feel free to call me whatever you like! I’m yet another user from the Netherlands so lower your expectations in advance. My hobbies are anything programming and/or...
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