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  1. tylerbub1277

    *ASKING* Updated SVA list

    Howdy, Anyone have a good handle on sva prices right now? Looking to get back into the sva game and build my stock back up. Haven't played for a while so my pricing charts are all mostly outdated at this point with new items released. If anyone could provide input, that would be helpful...
  2. tylerbub1277

    Olympus Season 4

    The Hades revamp will be a welcomed addition, as well as the Rebirth rework. :p
  3. tylerbub1277

    What am I doin

  4. tylerbub1277

    Should I buy ELITE

    After recently purchasing it from having MVP+ for a long time, I would say the advantages are miniscule at best. It all depends on how much you are going to play and use the perks given with Elite.
  5. tylerbub1277


    Let The Positivity Flow
  6. tylerbub1277

    December 2020

    Let's hope for a more successful 2021:)
  7. tylerbub1277

    What’s your favourite song?

    To Live Is to Die - Metallica Orion - Metallica
  8. tylerbub1277

    Olympus's Current State

    So what I hear is 6 months seasons next reset?
  9. tylerbub1277

    Olympus's Current State

    What is your opinion on pre-reset Olympus's current state? What is is needed to make it better?
  10. tylerbub1277

    ELITE Upgrade Curiosity

    Mainly Olympus and Parkour because survival is impossible to play
  11. tylerbub1277

    ELITE Upgrade Curiosity

    Random question and wanted opinions before I did it. I bought MVP+ a long time ago and then ELITE came out. Is it worth the $70 upgrade? I understand it depends on playtime and what you play, just curious what others who have it think, who have had MVP+.
  12. tylerbub1277

    Last Post Wins!

    Larry is my friend :D
  13. tylerbub1277

    General Suggestions

    What do you guys think should be additions that are needed for Olympus? These could be quality of life improvements or just small achievement things. This was brought up in another users forum post a few months back, but I think there should definitely be more donator mines specific to ranks...
  14. tylerbub1277

    Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

    Happy Christmas Eve Eve!
  15. tylerbub1277

    Am I the only person who feels this way?

    Minecraft, in my opinion, was built on the base understanding of simplicity. Creating easy to understand updates and implementing easy to use items that don't drastically change how the game is played. Mojang had slow updates, but each update would be well developed and ironed out. Since...
  16. tylerbub1277

    Quitting Minecraft

    I am not sure if we have crossed paths or not on ManaCube yet, but I am saddened to hear about anyone that is going through a rough time, whether it be something minor like they stubbed their toe on a chair in the middle of the night, or on the other side, someone is no longer present in their...
  17. tylerbub1277

    Reset Excitement?

    What are you most excited for with the coming reset? Curious to hear opinions/suggestions.
  18. tylerbub1277

    Why did you choose Manacube?

    I joined the server a while back to find another server that I could "call home" since a long time server just went offline I guess due to funds. I stumbled upon this one, took a break for a while (you know how games take your attention), came back recently and have been loving the experience...
  19. tylerbub1277

    Weekly Player Spotlight - Samara__

    Not sure if this is my place since you could say I am relatively new, but this is the first time I have seen something like this done in any game community that I have been apart of and it is great to see people being recognized for their efforts, staff or not. Keep up the positivity! :D