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    ign: bingic discord: bing#5243 Why I play: only bc of u ;)
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    Lmao wassup pif, yk who i am.
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    Survival Season 7

    I think that the prestige rewards, cubits specifically, will inflate the cubit market; is there any plan to combat this from happening?
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    [CLOSED] Elite Rank Giveaway

    IGN: bingalls98 CODE: qkkrkakw gl to everyone :)
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    30 Cubit Giveaway!

    bingalls98 bingalls#6767 survival because people in there are all chill
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    7 Cubit Giveaway!

    bingalls98 survival 4th/rap/kath
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    [CLOSED] Rank Upgrade Giveaway! (not open to current MVP+)

    Bingalls98 MVP bingalls#6767 gamemode: survival, all the people in there are pretty chill and fun to hang with :)
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    Featured 1000 maps - MANACUBE TRAILER

    YES lol, sil back at it making movies
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    Christmas Mini-Game (Cubits and In-Game Money!)

    Cant wait! hope to see everyone show out as well!
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    Survival -auction housee

    if the limit was raised it still allows people to put up single listings, but also can stop some of the spawner spams and such. It wouldnt necessarily stop people from being able to put up single listings. thanks, -bing
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    Survival -auction housee

    Currently the max price you can place an item on auction house is 500m in survival, I think the limit should be raise to around 750m (maybe 1b) so players arnt spamming items on ah, for instance players will place like 10 ancient crates on ah all separate listing. If the limit was raise it could...
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    Permanently Banned on Manacube (2nd Time)

    what'd u do?
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    Positive Mental Attitude

    spreading positive vibes, keep it up!
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    Giveaway :D

    IGN: bingalls98 DISCORD: bingalls#6767 thanks for doing an awesome giveaway! have a good day! -bing
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    200-1000 CUBIT GIVEAWAY!

    IGN: bingalls98 Discord: bingalls#6767 thanks for hosting a great giveawy, have a good day! bing
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    Winners of my 50 cubit giveaway!!!

    Will you redraw a winner if someone doesn't respond? thanks, bing
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