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  1. LilCloud420

    Lets Make A List Of Svas

    Hello everyone! I have been thinking it would be a great idea for us to create an ongoing thread of every known SVA item to help collectors, small purchasers, or even new players who just want to learn! If we all work together, we can make a list that shows approx. value of items and explains...
  2. LilCloud420

    Skyblock Selling and Trading 20+ SVAS!

    Selling arctic armor set (Full set only) 120 cubits (negotiable) Red Lightsaber 140 cubits 2 nebula swords 25 cubits (ea) 1 banana sword 15 cubits 2 arctic wands 1w cubits (ea) 1 hookshot 15 cubits 1 val shield 40 cubits 1 spring cleaning wand 8 cubits 6 santas gloves 18 cubits (ea) 2 banana...
  3. LilCloud420

    Cloud 10 Skyblock Team

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to pop in and tell you all that Cloud10 is recruiting members! We're looking for MVP+ players or higher. Were just looking for a team to help us grow and help newer players! This new season is going to be a lot more challenging but that just means more oppertunity to...
  4. LilCloud420

    Patron And Patron+ Prefix Colors

    So i was elite for most of my time on the server, ELITE ranks have the ability to change their prefix color, which is no longer an option when you become patron or patron+. I miss being able to make my name match so was wondering if we could impliment that? Thanks! -Cloud