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  1. Mellysz

    Why I quit

    i dont know who in the fuck you are and the server is shit i agree but thats kinda ur fault mate
  2. Mellysz

    Staff False-Bans

  3. Mellysz

    Staff False-Bans

    find another servee to play on
  4. Mellysz

    MSG perk muted people

    At least you guys can add an auto generated message by manacube so when a perm muted player tries to message someone it says “Hi, I’m currently muted” or something automatically. This will solve both chey’s and you guys’s problem. If someone is tryna communicate w you and if they knew you were...
  5. Mellysz

    bro dont try to play the victim even though the server is shit i at least know they warn you...

    bro dont try to play the victim even though the server is shit i at least know they warn you once before muting for caps unless u were spamming on parkour
  6. Mellysz

    Survival Legendary Giant's Chestplate (FIRST ONE TO EXIST!!)

    mf’s really even took the item names from hypixel too this is so funny LOL
  7. Mellysz

    /break whitelisting / blacklisting

    Nice suggestion but on my opinion it just sounds so unnecessary just toggling /break on and off shouldnt really be that hard
  8. Mellysz

    Elite Rank Perk Suggestions

    elite prefix colors that can be unlocked thru network level rewards
  9. Mellysz

    What’s your favorite part of skyblock?

    pressing esc then clicking on disconnect
  10. Mellysz


    This is the biggest gg of your life you are gonna thank them for perming you later on LOL
  11. Mellysz

    Chat suggestion: Make noob ranks (Or maybe a bit higher) unable to use chat

    When they try to speak in chat it could give a warning that says they can’t speak until they rank up for safety reasons and if they have any concerns or questions they can either use /helpop or join the discord etc.
  12. Mellysz

    Who Is The Cuter Staff Member

    if you don’t pick gapplegal ur not accepted here
  13. Mellysz

    Skyblock Season 10 Reveal 2/3 Thoughts

    i know im making fun of him lol
  14. Mellysz

    Skyblock Season 10 Reveal 2/3 Thoughts

    mtb why does it say retired next to ur name
  15. Mellysz

    Skyblock - Second Reveal [2/3]

  16. Mellysz

    A final gift to ManaCube

    Sad to see you leave man, we had on and offs but you were a great person! Keep up the good work I hope everything gets better and we can see you back. Much love -Mel
  17. Mellysz

    Hi dutch man

    Hi dutch man
  18. Mellysz

    Breeding Wolves?

    The quest only works with the wolves spawned by either /spawnmob or eggs. Its funny but you can actually breed the wolves on /slayer to complete this quest too. Otherwise wolf spawner doesn’t work for this quest.
  19. Mellysz

    Better /afk

    +1 This is one of the best ideas so far. I especially agree with being shown as afk on tab and letting the people that have messaged or hugged you that you are afk. I believe people will start using this command more and it will at least have a use.