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  1. unarmingpizza32

    You should be able to spawn a boss at /warp boss anytime by yourself or with different people

    Yeah but i mean like without the boss egg like in /worlds you can go to servers there should be likee /boss to pick a boss to spawn from and then eventually defeating it
  2. unarmingpizza32

    Mythology Crate

    Which 5 people won??
  3. unarmingpizza32

    Mythology Crate

  4. unarmingpizza32


  5. unarmingpizza32

    3 Cubit Giveaway

    Unarmingpizza32 1679181168 Gl
  6. unarmingpizza32

    idk what to write

    Then dont
  7. unarmingpizza32

    /warp lucks

  8. unarmingpizza32

    Removing Potions from the pvp arena at spawn and moving it to somewhere else.

    I honestly fully agree even though i an not so good i still like and enjoy using like a golem potion and time during fighting it always helps! #NO_BAN_POTS 1679090514
  9. unarmingpizza32

    You are the best

    You are the best
  10. unarmingpizza32

    Ongoing Weekly Build Contest

    Asvu can see
  11. unarmingpizza32

    Autocraft Chests not working?

    Ur problem
  12. unarmingpizza32

    Hi yall

    Hi yall
  13. unarmingpizza32

    Mythology Crate

    Im in the giveaway Ps swrds is a cool name
  14. unarmingpizza32

    Ongoing Weekly Build Contest

    nIcE! <3
  15. unarmingpizza32

    Mythology Crate

    I replied
  16. unarmingpizza32

    ManaCube Rewards

    I like this update a lot, it will probably help me not spend so much money on this addicting game
  17. unarmingpizza32

    Marvel Update

    Nicely edited