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  1. OhT1GER

    Staff vs Players

  2. OhT1GER

    Count to 1000 Before a Admin posts

  3. OhT1GER


    ok greg
  4. OhT1GER


    gree stop touching grass and get back here or ill call you by ur irl name. servers boring af rn
  5. OhT1GER

    Bring Back Top - Killstreak and Killstreak Death Messages

    Fr why would they even remove it
  6. OhT1GER


    Yes definitely. Kitpvp often gets boring.
  7. OhT1GER

    Mythology Crate

    Looks nice gl people
  8. OhT1GER

    ManaCube Rewards

  9. OhT1GER


    No xD
  10. OhT1GER

    How much do you like beans

    no, just no.
  11. OhT1GER

    What’s your favourite gamemode(s)

    I main kitpvp, used to play factions as well
  12. OhT1GER

    KitPvP Season Update

    I like a lot these ideas and would love for them to be added, for example, the kill the king event sounds like a great way to make things more interesting on the server. Same with the lps random kits, I’m not good in kit fight:/. I also think that the mining feature would be a good addition...
  13. OhT1GER

    Top 10 manacubers of all time

    Bruh what happened to like half of these guys I started after all the fun ended :/
  14. OhT1GER

    SVA commands - Manacube API Discord Bot Update

    very nice, but it doesnt show any svas I’ve obtained in season 12, is there a way to somehow update it or something because this could be extremely helpful in getting my items back
  15. OhT1GER

    Marvel Update

    Looks really good! GL to everyone
  16. OhT1GER

    Reviewing Lollipop56 - Staff Application

    +1 I believe that Lollipop can make a great staff member.
  17. OhT1GER

    Random bounties

    I like that idea tbh
  18. OhT1GER

    KOTH loot

    For sure this is a good idea
  19. OhT1GER

    74 Crate Giveaway (edit 55 because crates are 6 cubits.)

    ign: OhT1GER Discord: OhT1GER#2257 KitPvP Favorite memory from school: beating everyone in uno at recess. @flxnn @prvvte @superflyGreeeee