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  1. Glacier

    3 Cubit Giveaway

  2. Glacier

    Survival pit ideas

    make two different arenas both in spawn instead of portal so its equal access and add ptop 1679172929 or we could have pvp ptop be only for abyss
  3. Glacier

    Mythology Crate

    W crate medusa helm looks cool
  4. Glacier

    Should pvp arena back to no-keep-inventory version ?

    pvp was dead dont lie 1678227080 at least ppl go in now
  5. Glacier

    Should pvp arena back to no-keep-inventory version ?

    I feel like the keep inventory alternative is actually better. It's made for more fights and actually helps sv eco (Mystery Crate made it crash). If they made the golden apples and totems drop, then it would actually be better. Maybe adding more items to drop like egaps, gaps, totems, and maybe...
  6. Glacier

    Dreamworks Crate

    W crate idea
  7. Glacier

    74 Crate Giveaway (edit 55 because crates are 6 cubits.)

    sdrip glac#3135 Survival Fav memory playing basketball in the gym with friends. @vibers1x @rshh @Wjua
  8. Glacier

    KitPvP Season 12

    Finally kitpvp finna be so mich better
  9. Glacier

    24 Crate Giveaway.

    IGN: GlacierXI Discord: glac#3135 Server: Survival @Rushball77 @Comfort @Swrds Fav Christmas Memory was going to California and building a lego set with my friends
  10. Glacier

    Winter Festival | 2022

    Awesome gl yall
  11. Glacier

    favourite staff member?

    @Swrds cause awesome guy, 10/10 crates and just chill in general @Pinguinooo super admin always nice @AbiXChew laughs @Kade_34 for admin
  12. Glacier

    *RANT* Strength 2 Items are insanely overpowered

    Yea what grim said strength 2 pots aren't too hard to make and can be made pretty easily. If you had 7 strength 2 pots thats 10 minutes of strength which is more than enough for an average pvp fight.
  13. Glacier

    Halloween 2022 | Event + Crate

    This event is litttt keep doing more of these
  14. Glacier

    Last Post Wins!

    yall arguing on a forum post go do that on disc or smth
  15. Glacier

    Last Post Wins!

    I win
  16. Glacier

    Buyshop/Sellshop Problem

    It's very annoying to run a buyshop/sellshop on survival as you have to be in the very same cube for people to sell to you. That's why I feel it should be universal so you can afk at an ig farm in a different cube while people sell to you. This would be a great idea in my opinion to make it all...
  17. Glacier

    whats the difference between erf and surv?

    Faxxxxxx earth is 6 feet under at this point
  18. Glacier

    Survival Trading Meteor Mace for Cosmic Scythe

    I'd be willing to trade a Meteor Mace for a Cosmic Scythe on Survival maybe with an SVA added on top.
  19. Glacier

    i have a great idea

    Just merge Earth and Survival and Islands with Skyblock at this rate because Islands and SB are dying out so a merge would help massively
  20. Glacier

    Remove Unnecessary Realms From Manacube

    Yeah honestly I agree tbh I'd keep KitPVP and Factions as those still get a few players but realms like Creative, Earth, and Anarchy barely get any. With what Shleep said, I'd merge Earth with Survival and Islands with Skyblock as they're basically the same thing then remove the ones that have...