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  1. MagicMiner49er

    Ancient chest giveaway!

    Rules :) -Follow Finley_XD on twitch! -Like the post! -sign your ign!
  2. MagicMiner49er

    Cubits giveaway! -- Global

    MagicMiner49er FinleyXD#9606
  3. MagicMiner49er

    2 legendary chest giveaway!

    Sign your ign below to be entered! Make sure to follow finley_XD on twitch <3
  4. MagicMiner49er

    Elite rank giveaway at 300 cubits.

    MagicMiner49er gl everyone
  5. MagicMiner49er

    1 cubit and 50m giveaway!

    sign this to have a chance of winning 1 cubit or 50m!
  6. MagicMiner49er

    2 Perk Chests!

    Enter your username below to be entered into the giveaway! Gl everyone!
  7. MagicMiner49er

    Eagle sword x2

    two eagle sword giveaway. Enter your ign to be entered!
  8. MagicMiner49er

    10 Million Giveaway

    MagicMiner49er :)
  9. MagicMiner49er

    100 follower giveaway!!!!!

    Rewards: 2 Canada keys, 4 ancient keys, wither skelly, and an elite key!! Sign your ign to have a chance at winning one of these things!
  10. MagicMiner49er

    Canada Crate

    Sign your ign for a chance to win this canada crate!
  11. MagicMiner49er

    Random stuff giveaway

    4 magnetic helms, inqus 3 book, master inquis 2 book, and vinstages diary :) sign your ign to be entered
  12. MagicMiner49er

    3 Cubit Giveaway

    Enter your unsername below to be entered into the giveaway!
  13. MagicMiner49er

    35 million giveaway

    Sign your ign to be entered. Hosted by /warp tartarus and coloso.