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  1. Dooble

    Factions | A New Beginning

    factions a newerer beginningerer lifesteal is a good choice to bring here though
  2. Dooble

    Parkour Server Update: 1.8 vs 1.20 [POLL]

    oh this is perfect for that yeah, would be difficult using the slime system cause this seems to largely use the same world for everything but it supports different maps so seems perfect
  3. Dooble

    Parkour Server Update: 1.8 vs 1.20 [POLL]

    yknow what yeah that'll do it LOL adding them from the plot is indeed a much better idea oh this would be great, could also house a lot of secondary info about a map like its jump count and creators/submission date (information already on the map list) web viewer would also be cool since you...
  4. Dooble

    Parkour Server Update: 1.8 vs 1.20 [POLL]

    hows it improve maps excatly? you'd think making like 1800 different multiverse warps would be super time consuming and would also add a new layer of complexity to adding new maps, instead of just pasting them to a pathway, now you gotta set up a whole world and everything. maybe its some plugin...
  5. Dooble

    Parkour Server Update: 1.8 vs 1.20 [POLL]

    this been a thing for awhile lol check the version category in each diff Parkour Map List (it dosent say on that version but the private one has notes of changes under maps with a "-" or "#" next to them) 1684884252 this could be good but i feel the sky parkour is kind of what gives manacube...
  6. Dooble

    Parkour Server Update: 1.8 vs 1.20 [POLL]

    alright, its time to talk. parkours decline is something many people have noticed, and is something that can be attributed to 100 different reasons. But the truth about it is. The writing is on the wall we gotta update, no other way to go about it. People coming in mainly play 1.19 and then...
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    if i had a nickel for every time survival in particular was the target of a p2w attack, id have 2 nickels which isnt alot. it's just weird it happened twice
  8. Dooble

    How many jumps do you have?

  9. Dooble

    Rejected Midnight City - Insane

    MIDnight ahaahsdssdjfhgdsfjhdsfgau ydtefrwuyefydsfdsuycvsdf this maps great
  10. Dooble

    Sort maps by length

    cool idea but for rn the parkour map list has maps listed by jump count and cp count which can then be sorted shortest to longest and vice versa which can be a good indicator for a maps length
  11. Dooble

    Accepted BoatingSchool - Hard

    oh boy i hope i can get my license! this one was in the oven for wayyyy too long holy
  12. Dooble

    Thoughts on the new Rewards System?

    pretty much sums up everything when everyone just posts to threads for the sake of some arbitrary cubit reward with no actual care to the post they're replying to it just creates fake engagement and the people who are actually responding get drowned out this was already a problem with people...
  13. Dooble

    Olympus Season 6

    you had me at
  14. Dooble

    Accepted Vos - Easy

    hey this isnt water what gives
  15. Dooble

    hey i played like 8 years ago

    going off your about me ill go over each gamemode creative - not my expertise but creatives a shadow of what it once was due to lack of updates :/ your plots might still be there tho if its 2018 i forget if the reset was 18 or 19 survival - completely revamped and updated to 1.19 with a bunch...
  16. Dooble

    Accepted Lady In Red - Medium

    id hate to be colorblind for this
  17. Dooble

    The sad reality of Manacube Parkour

    the best skill metric is the red checkmark signifying all maps beaten in challenge mode, where these advantages are disabled you can still cheese them by /prac spamming through them but we dont talk about that
  18. Dooble

    Accepted Ashley Too - Easy

    do the robot woo
  19. Dooble

    Accepted Torino - Insane

    what a map, i wonder who built the wonderful manacube exhibit
  20. Dooble

    Accepted ManaExpo - Expert

    coordinating this was a 4 month mammoth of a task and im so glad it came out this way thanks for everyone who pitched in to help this inside joke be a true welcoming for reset, even if we're late :D i hope you enjoy the map as much as we enjoyed making it